Monday, June 15, 2009

Pump with Style with Freestyle

I had been calculating on buying a new pump after a worth buying of Spectra3.. Almost 3 months I kept talking to Mr Asben about this so called the ultimate breast pump currently available in Malaysia market..(isn't it?). Though my husband seemed a bit reluctant on buying a new pump (considering my overcrowded fridge and I am ok with S3), I knew that deep in his heart he always support me in every ways. Aja approached me with a great offer that I could not resist.. so.. here it goes..

Upon receipt, under my workstation.
Sapa yg terlebih excited nih??!!
Make use of my outdoor first aid kit, Deuter
Masuk lam beg Medela camni ker? But I found that the bag looks 'cheap' hehh.. and just not my style..

Yess, this is more like me!! With a bagpack and a coolerbag

Review of the pump..
1- Super mobility - though I found the handfree is not really hassle free
2- 2 phase expression - love it so much.. faster let down reflex
3 -Small and light pump
4- Pump with timer and memory.. I found it really useful
5-Entanggle free tubing
6- Tube design preventing the mist from entering the pump
7- The overall look of the pump is a nice feature though the bright colour attracts Hadiff and causes him to kacau my pumping process.

1- Come with no use accessories (for me lahh) - small cooler bag, heavy ice block, 'cheap' appearance of the bag (prefer backpack)..all these items adding to the high price..
2- Kinkable tubing
3- Too many things to assemble
4- The pump does not really secure fit to any standard bottle (there is tendency to dislodge)

I guess for a RM1699 pump it is still a worth buying if you are a mum to be or still have many years to come in breastfeeding. I did not regret of buying it and not considering it as a waste at all. A worth investment I would say!!

Till then,


Zainab Norazman said...

nak order sticker BF tu...tapi tk tau nak leave msg kat mana.. kat sini pun jadik la... hai... salm kenal.. tompang add link sekali erk....

Rozy said...

dah email yer..the details

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Salam Rozy, wahh...wahhh... dah boleh baca comment Rozy ttg FS. Such a simple comment but hampir menyeluruh ;)

Aha...byk kan brg2 dia? Those yg dtg self-picked up pon mmg tergezut nengok brg2 FS yg banyak. Then Aja tunjuk la brg yg perlu bwk jer--which is soooo minimum..

Hmm...Aja approach rozy sebab in the same time ada jugak org memerlukan FS dan mcm Rozy jugak, she trusted me even tau psl Aja thru fren jer. Pada Aja, trust tuh lagi mahal dr nilai pump tuh. Dan Aja terima kasih sgt...sgt...sgt. Mahal tau kepercayaan itu bg kita yg kenal di alam cyber ini. InsyaAllah Aja cuba lakukan yg terbaik dgn kepercayaan kwn2 semua... muaahhhhhhh

Miss Me said...

salam rozi,

dd ni satu group kutu ngan rozi. dah dapat pun FS tu sebab my turn bulan ni.

i found the handsfree kit quite a hassle gak at first until aja tunjukkan cara nak guna hands-free dgn betul.

it's very useful and convenient. i just love the handsfree.

sue said...

salam rozy..
sy skrg dok guna spectra 3.. dok berkira2 nk beli FS jgk.. tp hati ni berbelah bagi sbb br je pakai S3 tuh..
apa yg membuatkan rozy tekad nk beli FS ni?? so, rs berbaloi tak setelah guna FS nih??

Kak Chaq said...

bestnya ada FS.. mcm nk beli tp cukup la ngan PIS..

Rozy said...


guna fs? suunggguuuuuuuuhhhh berbaloi.. let down reflex cepat gilaa...masa guna S3 ada jer taim xder langsung LDR tu.. then sambil masak basuh pinggan pun leh sambil pumping..

kak chaq,
PISA kan best jugak..

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