Monday, June 27, 2011

Product Review : Rockin' Green Detergent

Recently, I arranged a group buy in Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents to buy this detergent ROCKIN GREEN.
They had in on sale during recent Great Cloth Diaper Change.
Since then, I heard a lot of good reviews on this detergent that it works wonder to clear stinky smell from cloth diapers.
Therefore, without hesitation, I arranged for a group buy to bring in 120 sample packs and shared among us to save shipping cost. (Shipping alone costed us USD44!!)

Some infos on ROCKIN GREEN

Rockin’ Green is made of safe, phosphate free ingredients which makes it good for the planet and gentler on your little ones. Everything is made with love, and put to the test every single day on my own families diapers and laundry. So you know that I expect only the best from everything that I send out the door.
Ingredients: sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (if scented is chosen).

It comes in 3 formula depending on our type of water (we chose classic).
And also several scents.

My own verdict:-
I only use this detergent for cloth diaper laundry.
Well, since it is very difficult to get and of course EXPENSIVE.
Initially I wanted to restrict the usage for strip washing only but feel that I can still use the 6packs of sample for along time.
My cloth diaper routine is once in every 3days (it is a full load of washing machine)
I soak it for 3hours and using normal cycle as opposed to former setting, speedy cycle.

My usual water level is 51, (I had it set at 41 last night as I only had half load laundry, and I forgot to press soaking for 3 hours :p).
ONLY 1 AND HALF SPOON of detergent is used.
Upon completing the washing cycle, the cloth diapers come out clean with NO SMELL at all!!
Not even a hint of ammonia or even the scent of the detergent :p.
The cloth diapers are usually line dry under my porch (with no direct sun).
The result?
I love this.. it really rids off all the stinky smell from the diapers.
And I noticed that  the usual urine smell that sometimes lingering after 1 hour of diapering has totally gone.

LOVING this detergent to max.

Pst: I believe these 6 sample packs will last me for another 6months.
I will definitely arrange another group buy if local stores do not able to import this great detergent in their stores.


rabiahroslan said...


Rozy said...

betul tu rabiah..
dahlaa pakai sikit ja.

scudmami said...

rozy, 1 1/2 spoon tu kau pakai sudu apa? kalau sudu detergent byk tu... satu trial pack tu baper banyak sabun beb (weight?)

Unknown said...

nk bitau u jugak--mesin basuh kita sama.. ngeeeee... ;D

Rozy said...


sudu makan ja.. rasanya lam suku sudu detergent.



Anonymous said...

Are you arranging for one more group to buy this rockin green? its really mahal la here.. if you're arranging, i nak join sekali..

Rozy said...


takdalah... local store dah banyak jual.
I beli yg 1kg pun quite cheap jugak, until now tak abis abis lagi..

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