Thursday, June 2, 2011

YeStErDaY : SeRiEs Of UnFoRtUnAtE EvEnTs

I was sooo d**n unlucky yesterday,,,ish..ish...

I had toothache all day long, even pain killer was not working. (The night before I'd paid RM320 to a dentist just to get greater intense toothache :( :( )
I had to travel to Kamunting to complete my testing, just to find out most of the tests cannot be performed in Kamunting, but had to source for the tester elsewhere.
Went to The Store Jualan Gudang potong hingga 80%, and found out that they cheat on the actual price..bad..bad..bad....
Almost hit by another car at Juru toll <--biasalaa orang potong queue..I did my part by honking sooooooo loud. :p
I was on rush to post my Melkaj to the new owner, PO closed at 6pm, I arrived at 5.45pm and I had to fold the melkaj again..and realized that it couldn't fit into the Pos Laju largest superthin plastic envelope. :?(
I'd to resort to plastic Kamdar and I really regret of not preparing the package earlier.
Then, I realized that I forgot to include I LOVE BREASTFEEDING sticker in the package (I normally give free sticker to my stuff buyer)
Upon handover the package, I noticed that the postcode to Putrajaya is wrong and the counter girl had to browse through a thick postcode guides to find it..(felt really guilty).
I planned to make burger for dinner, bought the bun, the patty and on the way back just realised that I'm running out of butter (which I always had in my fridge for a quick baking project)
When I reached the mini market (to buy an expensive buttercup), a car had block my way..and I'd signalled the driver to move slightly in front so that I can pass through (which actually my way).
When I was in the kedai, the driver came to the shop and shouted so loud
I was puzzled why he said that, but I just act like nothing happen,,and I believe that piss him more :p.
The owner of the kedai (named Sultan :p), whispered to me..
"buat taktau jaa...orang tak betul ni.."
That's what I did, abaikan saja..
He felt embarrassed as no one entertained him..hahahahhah..buat malu muka sendiri ja..:p
Owh.. and he threaten me to SEPAK MUKA..hellooo!!! who do you think you are..
I didn't even honk at him eventhough he actually blocking me way.
Well, he is those type orang tua yang ego tiiiiiiiiiiingi menggunung....
aaaaaaandd I drive Honda city saja okeh..mana mampu nak pakai honda civic!!  :p :p

When I reached home, all those unfortunate events just vanished..
seeing the face of the loved ones.. makes my day brighter again.

SEKIAN..celoteh saya tuk hari ini..(tu pun kalau ada orang sudi baca :p :p)


mizah said...

alahai...ciannye kak rozy..takpe2...dua budak kecik kat rumah tu ubat segala badluck yg terjadi...hihihihiihih

makcik rehan KJB said...

hahahaha.. tetiba dapat honda civic. best! best! kata kat dia, len kali katala BMW! Hehehe

p/s : i selalu baca blog u tawww... cuma hazab nak mengomen ajer :-)

ibuaiman said...

Salam...siannya Rozi, blh dia ckp nak sepak muka? Astagfirullah...

Rozy said...

itulaa..tak baik kan..

rubyhanie said...

Allah maha adil...sabaq ja...ada hikmah tu.. ;)

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