Friday, June 10, 2011

PuMpInG n DrIvInG with SeAtBeLt

Who say we cannot use seatbelt while pumping and driving.
I did that almost everytime I commute to and fro Perda-Kamunting.
It is comfortable and SAFE!
The upper strap will be placed above the breastsheild (as seen above), 
the lower strap will be placed on the tummy so that the bottles can be seated right on the hips.
well, I never use the handsfree..NEVER (as I'm just impatient to set it right).
I'd tried once and gave up :p
Switch on the pump and concentrate on your driving.


MRS. K ^ibuhadifhessa^ said...

wahhh... u go girl

Fiza Rahman said...

Fuyooooo...cayalah rozy, sambil drive pon bley pam.

mizah said...

saya pun wajib guna seatbelt bila drive n pump...hihi

Unknown said...

ni namanya multi tasking kan..hehehe

Farra Dhelina said...

caya lah kak!!! i adore u! :-)

m@Ri@ said...

huyoo terror2..leh tiru ni..;)

Lady Finger said...


E`n1x said...

wow u double pump sambil driving?
i used to do that when i worked nearer to home. nowadays susah ler coz i keep getting stuck in stop n go traffic. i can only manage single pumping in those situations. kekeke.

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