Tuesday, June 21, 2011

s.h.i.r.r.e.d d.r.e.s.s

Just manage to complete this dress.
Hm..I'm still excited making dresses.
It's my best learning curve as I learned a lot on new sewing techniques during each dresses making.
And it is soooo fun!
Here's my latest sewing project, shirred dress.

the shirring process was a bit difficult to start with
but getting easier along the way when I learned how to pull the fabric tight in order to prevent it from bunching.

Let me see where is the tutorial..hmm
ya HERE 
I should learn on fabric colour matching, macam tak kena jaa baju tu.


rubyhanie said...

wahhh!! nak komen jgk...bila lah nk pandai ni...err baru ku tersedar ai x follow lg blog akak...hehe da polo dh ;)

Unknown said...

untung husna ek...mamanya pandai menjahit..cantik

Rozy said...

senang ja ni..boleh punya..

ummi dia main2 ja.. takdaklaa seelok beli kat kedai..

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