Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pattern review = s.e.a.b.r.e.e.z.e d.r.e.s.s

Dah siap!!
I was chosen as a pattern tester for a pattern shop in etsy.com, PeekaBoo Pattern Shop.

My review :
1- She made it soooo simple and easy to follow.
2- You do not have to confused yourself with sewing jargons, it uses lay mans term and very suitable for a newbie like me.hehehehe
3- The length of the skirt is a wee short on Husna, but that can be lengthened with ruffles (or as a top with leggings).
4- I made a mistake by choosing knit, not suitable for a sash as it cannot 'hold' the shape.
I love the ruffles on the bodice, but I made a mistake by not serging it prior sewing. But it covered and invisible anyhow.

Husna was trying to stay put..before she ended up

 LIKE THIS!!!  Heheheheh

Until next project!!


mizah said...

pewwitt...tu kalau tak pakai tight mesti seksi...cantik la, sebijik mcm yg dijual...hehehehe

Nong Andy said...

saya klik "LIKE"

m@Ri@ said...

hahah..awat muka stress husna?

Alviana said...

so cute!! :)

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