Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1sT tImE PaTtErN TeStEr

Yeay!! I was given a chance to be a pattern tester for a lovely dress by PeekabooPatternShop in etsy.com (USA based online shop) and her personal blog is Nap Time Crafter. It is a Sea Breeze dress. Very lovely, indeed!! The published price for the pattern is USD6.50 (equivalent to approximately RM20.80) <--and I got it free!! :) This shop also sell patterns for baby booties, caps, cute rompers, apron and many more.

Her lovely daughter wearing this dress.

Well, eventhough I have quite a good collection of fabrics (at least for an amateur like me), i don't have anything that suit with the name of the dress or something in white and blue. And I have no chance to go the fabric store during Ramadan.
But I found this matching fabric.

The polkadot for the bodice and the plain pink for the skirt.
Hopefully it will turn out nice.
I was given 1 week to finish this project, then I must give a review on the pattern with photos of the completed project.
OK tak kain ni?
OK la kan...hehehe


E`n1x said...

i can't wait to see!!!

Unknown said...

gud luck akak..

szarihan said...

tak sabar tunggu hang buka tempah....nak dress ni jgk lol

Unknown said...

suka , kombinasi yg cantik ni..
cepat jahit.. nak tgk hasilnya..

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