Friday, June 8, 2012

Security Tips to Keep Our Children Safe

Sharing from a friend, parents please take note on this ya! :)
 Security Tips to Keep Our Children Safe

• Tell your children not to accept gifts from strangers and not to talk to strangers.
• Encourage your children to let you know if anyone has been asking them lots of questions about your home or activities.
• If your children are going out, get them to tell you where they are going and agree on the amount of time they will be away (and get them to check-in once there and on the way back).
• Ensure your children travel in groups.
• Consider buying them an extra mobile telephone with emergency numbers pre-programmed into it.
• Ensure that young children and any young visitors to your residence know:
o How to answer a query at the door.
o How to reply on the telephone.
o How and when to ask for assistance.
o That they should never open the door to strangers
• Ensure they only use dedicated public or private transport for school runs.
 Pray for our children's safety, rasa macam ramai sangat org with bad intention kat luaq tu. Nak lepas anak main kat playground pun jadik seriyau. 
Dulu seingat saya seawal umur 7 tahun, saya dah menapak sejauh 5KM seorang diri untuk ke tempat tuition. Sekarang ni memang saya takkan izinkanlaa anak saya semuda itu menapak hatta 1KM pun.

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