Monday, June 11, 2012

Wrap Up AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture April & May

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

At this moment I'm a bit busy with orders that need to be completed before Ramadhan.
It is a long queue that I wish I manage to have the cut off as planned.
In Ramadhan, I will focus mainly to sew for my princess and my nieces dresses.
Until now, I'm yet to make a proper list of what to sew for Husna (though I have built a huge stash of designer fabric for her to wear this Raya)..sakan bergaya laa budak ni nanti :p

Apart from that, I've been appointed as a project leader to a very important project for my company.
It is actually an extension of a new product that I had launched somewhere in 2010 just before I gave birth to Husna. I'm taking this as opportunity to boost back my reputation since I would say a not-so-good luck in my career last year.

Okie dokie, here are my creations in the month of April and May (sudah basi..hehhee).

Peasant dress for Mia. Remeber the main fabric? It is the left over from Husna's summer blouse. The red sash and ruffles really bring up the colour of this dress.

Lauren dress for Aishah's daughter. I would say, my most popular dress is Lauren.

This lovely trinity dress is a combination of designer cotton and Japanese cotton. The combo was chosen by my dearest friend for her daughters. I really love this combo.

Trinity dress for Azalea and Nur. I hope they like it.

My first boys' product jubah.. I should by now have many orders for this jubah, but unfortunately I have more than enough in my plate. So this has to wait until after raya.

I also sew a swaddle blanket for little cutie pie Adelya Hannah.

These three dresses are for three cute cousins. I am so happy to know that the kids really love the dresses that I sew for them. :)
 See how twirly it is..

With maching headband...it is a must!

That's all for now... I promise, I will blog more frequent.

Thank you all my dear readers (if I have any...hehhehheh)

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AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture




Mila@Rimbun said...

wahhh cantik2 nya dress.. headband tuh cuteeee..

rozy buat calculation tak berapa baju boleh siap in one week?

Rozy said...

tak kak..
sebab ikut design gak ni..
kalau complicated mmg amik masa laa...
pastu tgk peel si budak kecik tu sama...kalau banyak ragam..memang laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammbat sangatlaa nak siap...

Lady Finger said...

canteeekk...hebat la ko Rozy..nasib baik aku x de gegirl..kalau x sure aku tempah kat ko tau..

Rozy said...

rozy, ada tutorial tak mcm mana nak buat leher jubah tu? teringin nak buat utk hero kecik sorang ni. dulu ada dpt opah dia belikan masa pg umrah dulu. skrg dah x muat. huhu..
suka tgk dia pakai jubah leher mcm tu.

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