Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PeTa SeKeRaT Ke tAmN bELiA

Okes, since ada yg xtahu camna nakpi sana... sini me give you peta sekerat from Gurney Plaza.
Abaikan contengan tulis tangan ku yg kelam kelibut sebab kena rush masuk production sat lagi..
kalau ada yg xpaham atau buat2 xpaham..sila buat macm paham yaa... bagitau naa.. me will further navigate you to the place.. or better e-mail me for my phone number okahh!!

Updated as at today!

Tempat : Taman Belia Pulau Pinang
Tarikh : 20/2/2010
Masa : 10pg - hingga 2ptg (pastu leh pi berendam..)
Tema baju : Hijau

1- Keselamatan Anak di rumah (tertakluk pindaan oleh speaker) by hubby Hana aka ibufarish
2- Babywearing dan cloth diapering by Shida (special topik breastfeeding while babywearing)
3- Breastfeeding talk by Dr Balkees (Overcoming Low weight Gain and how to improve the quality of the breastmilk)
4- Drive test breastpump (sila bawak pam yg ada tuk ditest kawan2)
5- Lucky Draw (toke lucky draw - Aishah)

1- Rozy + Arie + HadiffBolat (spaghetti, sticker nama)
2- Lin + Hubby Lin + AdwanEncem (bihun goreng ngan cabai potong)
3- Ain + Najlatomey Mariza (silent reader SI-opismate) + Baby Aqilah - karipap dan coq badak
4- Shida _ Hubby _ Anis+ baby Irfan (pinggan dan cawan plastik)
5- Kikie + Hubby +Arane + Baby (Fruit Juice)
6 - Hana + Hubby + Farish + Baby Firas + adik ipar (pudding + ketui es)
7- Rinirini +hubby +Uda Mikael +Uda Rayyan (kek cekelat moist 2bijik + ciskek kalau rajin)
8- Aishah and family
9- Fiqa83 + family
10- Dayah + hubby + SI (nasi lemak)
11- Ibu Arifa + hubby + Arifa
12- Sara + hubby + H + H +Baby H
13- Ibu Arief +hubby+ lil arief (tat kastard)
14 - Durazali + hubby + Aidid +Airin (nasik himpit kuah kacang)
15 - Zah + hubby + anak
16 - Hafid + adik + 3org lagi + baby (naget goreng beserta cicahannya)
17 - Mamanoa + hubby + lil imran (mineral water size besar)
18 -As Zahir + Hubby
19- Umi_dd+ hubby +haziq + danish (muffin cekelat)
20- Sue + hubby + baby rayyan (fruit juice)
21- Adik ipar (Mala) + hasben + anak (kuah rojak sendiri bikin)
22- Sharilla (dadih)


Drama Mama said...

wahhh menarik nih....

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