Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HuSnA FiRsT DaY To nUrSeRy

Yess, her first day in nursery and yess today I am still on leave until Independence Day.
I send her early so that I can avoid any surprises later..

The surprises might be:-
1- Husna cannot adapt with other people (pengasuh).
2- Husna refuses EBM via bottle.
3- Still at experiment stage, I do not know how much she will consume per day 7.30am - 6pm. If not enough I can send some extra.
4- Anything that can happen.

So, with me at stand by mode and immediately rush to nursery.

Taska Ilham had accepted several breastfeeding babies before but their EBM handling were all wrong!! Pengasuh were not properly trained and unfortunately the babies were breastfed for a short time only or mixed with ABM because of many reasons that actually can be solved. Plus, the pengasuh were all afraid that Husna would reject bottle. Such incidents had occurred before.

So yesterday, I went to Taska and conducted a short training on how to handle EBM.. In fact I made a SOP card and affixed it to their fridge. The pengasuh were shock to know that they were not supposed to shake the EBM and the EBM should be stored in chill compartment not frozen. *Huhh?!* Hopefully everything goes well today.


Today, I prepared 6bottles of 3oz EBM. Should be enough for her until 5. InsyaAllah... I called nursery and they informed that 3 bottles had been consumed as at 12 o'clock. I told them if tak cukup just let me know, I will bring more..(almaklumlaa dah dekat sgt kan nursery ngan umah :-)).

Bekalan pertaman Husna

Husna duduk elok2 na kat school, Hadiff jaga adik naa <-- br="" dia="" hheheh="" jaa..="" likely="" most="" peduli="" tak="" though="" wat="">
Today, I started scheduled pumping just like when I am working, 10am, 1pm and 4pm. But I got a lot less than what I normally get during Hadiff dulu.. May be sebab puasa kot no....


yangterindah said...

wah..siap SOP lg..tahniah2, idea bernas!cuma kena tambah;
'susu kena diabiskan dalam tempoh 1jam slps dipanas&tidak habis, perlu dibuang..jangan disimpan kembali..hehheeh'

Rozy said...

yang terindah,

tu bgtau verbally, terlupa nak masukkan... satu lg lupa nak masukkan 'jangan bagi air masak pada husna'.

Farra Dhelina said...

siap ada sop..bagus ada ibu mcm akk..sgt2 prihatin..

izzahazfar said...

kak rozy,

nanti zah nak syer SOP ni kat blog boleh...?senang nak explain sebab ada org ty..

zah akan linkkan blog akak sekali

tp kalau bolehla..

m@Ri@ said...

sepatunya maria pn buat mcm ni..kena buat SOP card..br depa tau mcmn nak handle ebm kan..ni main hentam je..huhu..

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