Monday, October 18, 2010

ArE U A dOnOr?

**in conjunction with World Organ Donor Week**

Yes, I am a proud organ donor..I mean not yet, hopefully when my time comes.

I registered as one when I was still in college...ermmm that was almost 12 years ago.

My donor card- I would like to help someone to live after my death. Ooops my name was spelled wrongly.

You are given choices of which organ you would like to donor. I remember why I skip the bones as I wanted my remains to be still ok to be looked at and do not remember why I skipped the lung. Owh, on cornea... I did say that my cornea may not help so much as I am farsightedness. LOL

This card has been with me for a long time..in fact longer than my ID card.

My mom's reaction
The red card was sent to my mom's house a few months later after I filled in the application form. I almost forgot about this. However, since the envelope had clearly stated the National Kidney Foundation, my mom had mistakenly thought that the letter was meant for my late father (who suffered from kidney failure). She asked my sister to read the letter since it was in English and she was really shocked to know that I had registered to become a organ donor. She kept the letter and the card from me. A few months later, my sister opened up to me saying that the letter and the card had arrived. I had to argue with my mom and did my best to rationalize her. My mom was afraid that if anything bad happen to me, the doctors might not try their best to save me but letting me go so that my organ can be used by others. <<--owh sungguh tidak benar..

My friend's reaction
She said I am signing my own death certificate..gosh..that statement came out from my dearest friend who is now a doctor!! That definitely has changed I hope since she may now realize that the world need more organ donor.

And HERE the link on Hukum menderma organ.
It says
" Memindahkan anggota mayat kepada seorg yang hidup yang hidupnya bergantung kepada anggota itu.
Hukumnya : HARUS, dengan syarat mendapat keizinan si mati (sebelum matinya) atau warisnya selepas matinya atau izin pemerintah kiranya si mati tidak diketahui warisnya.

It means if you really want to be a donor when your time come, you must discuss about this with your dearest. Make them understand your decision. Mr Asben is aware on this.

Have you registered?


Unknown said...

kak, sgt kagum ngan keberanian akak tu..hopefully ina akan ikut jejak akak register as donor juga..tapi tatau lagi bila..takuttt

QarezmaV said...

aww bravo! i wish to take the same steps one day...

Rozy said...

thanks ina, thx qarezma,

i believe it is something that all of us should do. ;-)

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