Thursday, October 14, 2010

GrAdUaTeD EBM StOrAgE BoTtLeS - AcCuRaTe tAK?

Have you ever feel that when you use THESE bottles for pumping, you feel like you get lesser than normal yield..
But when you use THAT bottles, you gain more than normal?
Then you transfer 3oz of THAT bottles to THESE bottles, you found that you actually have gained almost as usual?

entah apa2..

I always have this feeling that 3oz in Medela bottle is actually more than a 3oz in BumbleBee bootle.

So, I believe I should verify that..hmmm...

I have 7 brands of EBM storage bottle. (that excludes out Tupperware which HadiffBolat use).
From Left : Avent, Spectra, MomLittleones, Medela, JungleJingle dan Safety Plus. *Gosh, just realize that I forgot to bring the Bumble Bee.

And I used a clean and unused Pyrex glass measuring cylinder taken from lab.

Since the bottles have gradient a 100ml, I poured 100ml of tap water into the bottles and measured it again with the measuring cylinder.

The result:
Avent - 100ml
Spectra - 98ml
MLO - 100ml
Medela - 100ml
Jingle Jungle - 120ml
SafetyPlus - 120ml

As expected, Avent and medela have better accuracy than the rest but I am surprised that our local brand MomsLittleOnes also at par with imported brands. *salute*

So here at the 100ml of gradient of the EBM bottles

JungleJingle = SafetyPlus > Avent = MLO= Medela > Spectra

in the measuring cylinder.

I checked twice on SafetyPlus bottle, yeap it is correct. It is more than 100ml!!

so kalau rasa cam down sikit yield ini hari sebab tkar botol, paham-paham jalahh okeh.


ibudhani said...

waaa interesting!!! thx!! tp sy guna bumble bee..accurate x?

Afne said...

rozy, sbnrnya afne alami benda ni jugak. tp afne tak pernah gunakan brand botol selain avent & mlo so tak tau la beza dgn brand lain. tp apa yg afne perasaan 3oz ebm dlm botol avent akan jd lesser bila tuang masuk botol mlo. maybe sbb botol avent ada figure curve kot?!

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

..err.. is the graduated cylinder itself calibrated?? ...LOL

gurau ja... ekekekke :D

MH Yap said...

The different in the amount you get could also due to the different measurement they use. US and UK oz measurement is different. 1 oz in UK oz is equal to about 0.96 of US oz. I have wondering the same things too during my BF days... hehehe..

Rozy said...

aja..hahah gud one..lom antar calibrate lagi da.. heheh

MH Yap, i did not measure in oz, but in ml (unit SI).:-)

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