Friday, October 1, 2010

For Sale : A Wrap and A Ring Sling - Both are SOLD!

This is my first time letting go my carriers. Please be nice to me.

Lovey Duds Organic Cotton Wrap.

Stretchy ORGANIC COTTON wrap from Lovey Duds.com
I bought used from MBW. It is one size wrap.
Excellent Used Condition.
Selling at RM120 shipped.

Comfy Joey Kiwi-Raspberry gradation sling.

This is the initial grad job for silk Kiwi-raspberry with some flaws but unnoticeable.
I bought this from Pah with curiosity on gradation, Comfy Joey sling with the fact that it is a silk.
I love the grad but this sling is too short for a tall lady like me, length is 68".
Note that this is a wide width sling with medium silver steel ring, measured at 111cm.
I planned to send it to Syaz for some alteration, but I believe I might not like it anyhow if it is short. So, selling at the price I paid RM160 shipped.

May consider for trade with any shorty preferably 3.6m, I will add RM to cover the difference.

Please e-mail me at annarozy[at]yahoo[dot] if you are interested/have question.



Hanz Jamaludin said...

Rozy, take my SSC-lah...hehehe...
I need a sturdier SSC..Snuggbaby SSC ok ker? tapi Liz tengah expecting, kan?

Unknown said...

saya bminat nk beli wrap...
ada lagi tak?

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