Sunday, October 31, 2010

International Nestlé-Free Week 2010

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Yes, you heard me right.
This week from 25th October to 31st October 2010 is the International Nestle Free Week 2010.
For those who has already boycott Nestle, this week is the right time to promote it aggressively. And people who are not able to totally boycott it (people like me who cannot avoid a cup of Milo everyday), this week we at least try our level best to avoid any Nestle product.

Why we should boycott Nestle?
Copy and paste from BABYMILKACTION

During International Nestlé-Free Week 2010, Baby Milk Action is calling on the public to email Nestlé over its latest global baby milk marketing strategy. Nestlé is targeting mothers and health workers with the claim its formula 'protects' babies even though babies fed on formula are more likely to become sick than breastfed babies and, in conditions of poverty, more likely to die. Nestlé is accused of undermining the 'breast is best' message by claiming its formula is 'The new "Gold Standard" in infant nutrition' (image below). Nestlé is also accused of refusing to provide important information to parents and carers who use formula. Nestlé has already received thousands of emails, but is so far refusing to drop this marketing campaign.

[Come onn..The new gold standard?!! grrrrr..]
Do read further HERE.
What I plan to do
This boycott definitely will change my shopping habit..ya at least for this week. Labels...check all the labels before buying...100% avoiding all those Nestle products. Me myself will not be taking or preparing any milo for this whole week (Mr Asben, please take note yaa..).
Mommies out there!! Join me in this boycott..advertise it at your FB wall, twitt it..blog it!!
(wahh terlebeyy semangat lak..hahahha)


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