Friday, April 1, 2011

This is How I Store My Cloth Diapers (I WANT TO WIN JOLI DIAPERS!)

This contest is organized by LOVELY GOODY

details of the contest can be found at CLOTH DIAPER MALAYSIA

OKES, Here is my entry

I am not a really organized person

BUT..when it comes to CLOTH DIAPERS..I am a SUPER MOM!! TADAAA!!!

CLOTH DIAPERing is one of my passions besides breastfeeding and babywearing.
It makes me feel more responsible towards the environment and it is my first step towards green living.

 My two kids, Hadiff and Husna are fully CLOTH DIAPERed since they were born and I own 40over CLOTH DIAPERs. <-That's not too much right? :p but definitely growing (thanks to MCDP mommies :))

OK, enough said, so lets talk about how I store my CLOTH DIAPERs. I've seen a lot of storing solution by my blogger friends. Some just satisfy by putting the CLOTH DIAPERs in a basket and placed it at a corner for easy access and mobility. It may work with other people but not for me. I prefer my CLOTH DIAPERs to be at one place and I know exactly where I can find this and that. Plus, I can't imagine if my Husna gets hold of those CLOTH DIAPERs and starts ransacking everything. That's going to give extra hard work for mommy.

My CLOTH DIAPERs are stored in a 4tiered plastic cabinet.
It contains all the items that I need in CLOTH DIAPERing.

The first drawer keeps Husna's CLOTH DIAPERs.
The CLOTH DIAPERs are set at Medium setting.
Most of them are pocket CLOTH DIAPERs so the inserts are placed in the shells once they are picked up from the cloth lines and prior to storing.
The CLOTH DIAPERs are arranged as such so that I can easily choose the Diaper of the Day.
Well, mommy sure have her own preference on specific day :).

Second drawer contains Hadiff's CLOTH DIAPERs in Large setting.
Several of them are almost worn out and mommy is actually contemplating on buying new fluffy for him or start potty training (Mommy malas..SHAME..SHAME..SHAME!!

Third drawer keeps other CLOTH DIAPERing accessories such as cloth wipes, wet bags, extra inserts, training pants (and mommy's cloth pads too).

The bottom drawers contains flat diapers and liner which I seldom use but has its own contribution in CLOTH DIAPERing.
Well, at least mommy can use it to wipe dry baby bums. :p

So far, I am happy with this system. It is simple, quick and cheap. My husband found it easy for him too. He helps me to change the kids CLOTH DIAPERs every morning.

That's all my submission for the contest. Wish me load lots of luck ok..really want to try that delicious Joli CLOTH DIAPER.. Winning this contest will definitely make my day!!!


Caca said...

Rozy, akupun cam nak aje pakai CD...is it convinient? In terms of tahap tahan bocor?..

Rozy said...


macam dispo jugak, every 4hours kenala tukar. :)

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