Thursday, July 28, 2011

DaMaGe FoR ToDaY - MoRe fAbBy!!

A verrryyyy beneficial lunch break ever..hehehehe
when Dear Hubby sudi to accompany me to a fabric store, Kamdar Bukit Mertajam.
I wanted to look for A matching fabric for a dress <--my first dress order :)
It was kind of hard to find a cute prints when the theme colour is grey.
However, I managed to find a nice greyish polka dot motive for this project.
Hopefully the momma likes it <---like I do :)

The best things is, I found a suitable fabric (knit to be exact) for Husna's leggings.
My eyes were all pening and rambang and I had to rush <--lucky me or more damage had been done.
I also found 2 knits  for my very first blouse project.
Can't wait for it *wink*wink*

Okie, that's all my rambling for today!



Unknown said...

wah wah,, banyak nya kain...

szarihan said...

eh aku pun nak tempah gak ni...sundress utk anak2 aku dah doll depa hehehe

Rozy said...

kak yong,

dah hobi ngumpul kain lak ni.


hang wat sedondonlaa baju anak hang dan doll depa, mesti cute. pastu wat headband sama.

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