Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jom Main Puzzle Set Bersalin Amway!

Sound lawak toi title kat atas tu kann... but that is a reality.. I have been trying to put all the boxes together since the first time I took out all the boxes from the big boxes.. Since, I am selling away this not-so-utilised-and-bazir-my-pocket-money (panjangnyaa huhuhu) set bersalin nih.. I desperately need to put back everything inside the main box.. huhuhuhh after several attempts in vain, I let my hubby try his luck..(though discreetly I was very sure he could do it..).. minutes passed by..noops like that the main box should be able to be closed properly yer... hehehehhe..
At last, HE DID IT!!!!


OneSue said...

banyak nyer kotak...heheh.tu set bersalin ker kak?

Anonymous said...

kenapa tak makan?

sarah - bloghopping hehe

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