Wednesday, April 22, 2009

REVIEW : Cloth Diaper - Between KS, HH and Coolababy

Before you start reading this post, I would like to emphasize that this is merely my personal review based on my experience. Definitely does not shadowed by any commercial intention.

I have been using cloth diapers religiously now, 100% on day time and almost 100% nite time ( almost because sometimes I could be struck by lazy lightning.. so xcukup to cover the whole day..hehehhe). So far in my collection, I have 8 of CB (coolababy), 1 HH (Happy Heiny's cow print, I love it so I bought it, found it to be really expensive) and just recently added in a KS (Kasihku Sayangku), just for trial.

Herewith my personal humble review of these three CD.
Coolababy (red), KS (yellow), HH (cow prints)

1- Sizing

From biggest to smallest arrangement
HH has a generous sizing.. it can be fitted from baby to toddler.. but I found it to be bulky for newborn.. apart of the RM a piece.. this CD can be a worth investment for a long run. KS sizing is almost similar to CB.

2- Waist Adjustment
HH - Velcro
KS - Velcro
CB - Snap button
I prefer the snap button as the adjustment is prefixed. "Tick" the button...settle.. KS velcro is definitely a thumb down.. senang terbuka.. and I found it to be disturbing.. Sibek Hadiff still kecik lagi..if he knows how to tarik2..sure dah terbukak CD nih..

3- Insert/Pocket Opening
HH and CB is a daddy's big hand friendly user.. Though KS opening appears to be neat than HH and CB, the pocket is surprisingly narrow.

4- Material
HH and CB have the microfleece layer..but HH material felt softer while CB will eventually turn to yellowish after sometime. KS has a suede cloth that I found to be difficult to get rid of poo poo.
Prints of HH is delicous.. (ehh??)

5- Marks on delicate baby skin
KS leaves obvious marks on Hadiff.. CB also but not as apparent as KS. HH? Not that I notice..

Which one is better? Value for money?
The true is..I do not have any particular preferences.. Up to you to judge..
But the main reason we choose CD instead of Dispo.. ..

Till then..

signing off


Hanim said...

i'm lost... what's KS?

Rozy said...

Kasihku Sayangku

Airis Arissa said...

emm...akhirnya rozy bg gak komen pasal CD2 ni. saya baru order 1 bulk coola baby kat kak liza. lately ni slalu baca komen pasal CD coola kat SI. sometimes mmg mcm frust baca komen2 tu. sblm ni try KS jer. Tp hrp2 ok. :)

Ina Hashim said...

salam ziarah..

good review...i like it

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

Rozy takde dropwing issue ke dgn coolababy ni..apsal saya ada eh..ada la few mommies yg face the same thing mcm saya..tapi tak ramai..

Rozy said...

So far I do not have any issue with coolababy. It works fine to me.

Nur said...

salam kenal..
yes...HH mmg mahal but worth it. sy pun ada yg cow print camtu..TQ for the review on CB..

mirah said...

oh nice review. I pun tak prefer KS sbb my baby kecil, so the KS looks bulky and pyh nak fit dgn baik. Coolababy pun ok, takde drop wing, ya cepat kuning bila basuh. HH belum try lagi, baru teringat nak try nih.. :)

mamaDhea said...

saya vote HH.. hehehe..

salam ziara.. ;)

Unknown said...

bagus la share pendapat mcm ni..tgh fikir2 nk fully CD kt amsyar. thanks rozy...

Al-Atiff said...

ehm, maksud akak yang ni apa ye?

5- Marks on delicate baby skin
KS leaves obvious marks on Hadiff.. CB also but not as apparent as KS. HH? Not that I notice..

adakah sama cm masalah saya? dulu sy pakaikan anak KS. tapi perasan ada cm birat kat bahagian peha. mula2 merah, pastu jd cam parut itam. mayb kulit dia sensitif, tu jd itam.. tp sgt kesian, so terus stop..

u secnd baby ni, ingt nk try CB ngan lunatots, tp risau je..

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