Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cow Print Wet Bag

Yeahh!!! At last I received my wetbag... though not as per my wishlist with floral print, this is gud enuf for me.. Happy Heiny's wetbag bought from Angie's on-line store.. Just wonder why there is no HH tag on the bag... yeaa...like the Wahmies.. the bag carries the brand.. Hahahahah what a heck... it is stil functioning well.. toink..toink... no more plastic bag in Hadiff's basket.. Go Go Green... (though I always use plastic bag brand Econsave.. ..hehehehhe)

1 comment:

penkek said...

hadiff ni dh jadi model tuk ummi dia.. punggung jadi warna warni.. sat warna lembu, sat warna oren..huhuhu ;)

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