Friday, July 30, 2010

ThE nEw yOu gIvEaWaY By hOnEyBuNcH

Fuhh... I am almost gonna miss this contest organised by Hanz.. ya lahhh with newborn and the pantang stuff I have to do.. thought I might not have the leisure time to participate in this contest.. The very last minute participation..

The story of how my life transformed from a hardcore mountaineer to a loving mom..

The new me..

I used to be an otai pompuan mountaineer

And can be said quite famous among the peer

All mountains I would love to conquer

I did not care if it is far or near

As long as not jeopardizing my career as an engineer

I get to know lots of people with the obsession we share

It was the love, the passion that always be there

[Me with hiking gear]

I guess I was kind of carried away

All the money I got I spent to make a way

To pursue new adventure that’s what I would say

I ran I skipped I climbed and never to stay

It’s always in mind and it’s the time to play

I enjoyed the adrenaline boost and mind never to sway

[me at Mt Melaka, Reverse Trans Titiwangsa, Mt Tebu and Bekelah]

I guess my fate had been wonderfully written

I met my love and immediately be smitten

In the trip to Gunung Tahan, I had been in a good hand

He was my runner companion to reach the next camp

The days I knew him is less than ten

But at the end of the trip he is my man

[Gunung Tahan, the first mountain we conquered together. Many more after that]

Thank you god for the life you give

A loving man and two children who are really active

The laughs, the tears and learn to forgive

Frankly to me it is quite impressive

From it’s always me now always others, I promise

[My two angels, Hadiff and Husna]

No more purchase on deuter or Karrimor of mountaineering

Now more on Ittibitti or Happy Heiny’s of cloth diapering

And also on Jumpsacbaby or Boba of babywearing

Or even Medela or Galligan O’Malley of breastfeeding

And I should start my first step in homeschooling

This is the new me..

From Gunung Online forum now to Ratu Hati

From focusing on mountaineering now on family

As of now, this is my story

A woman, a wife and a mother named Rozy.

Foot note : I still have the mountaineering passion deep down in my heart (and Mr Asben also) but at this moment we only want to spend our seconds with the two growing up little angels..

These are the generous sponsors for this contest. Check out on them what they have to offer..may be there is something good and nice for your Hari Raya...


Farra Dhelina said...

wahhh tak sgka sy,akk ni pendaki gunung..teruja jap tgok ur pic kak..sies..

gdluck yea!

Rozy said...

thx farra.. zaman muda2 dulu

Aishah Megahasz said...

Good luck Rozy. Aishah nak masuk tapi idea tak mari-mari.

Kuruuuusssnya gambar dulu-dulu :D


saya tak penah panjang gunung

Hanz Jamaludin said...

Salam Rozy. Noted with thanks! Good Luck! :)

adianiez AIDA said...

hai rozy.
aida baru jek few months ago naik gunung datuk. first time dlm sejarah idup aida ni. masa naik, bleh la tahan (meskipun hampir menangis). BUT masa turun, menangis!!! penat giler. sampai je bawah terus terduduk tak bleh bangun2 for few minutes, nak pitam!!!
taubat tak nak naik gunung lagi.
heh heh heh...

Cik Lily Putih said...

congrats rozy!

Hanim said...


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