Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TeLuK BaYu FloaTinG ReSTaUrAnt 6/2/2011

Ini kes adhoc decision by Mr Asben..a verrrrrrryyyy  nice adhoc decision.
He just sweetly simply said " Jom saya bawak sayang pi makan dalam hutan"
Haaa? What hutan? Thought Mr Asben was joking.
The journey to that hutan took us through a vast yellowish nice scenery paddy field, an eerie view of late day in hutan kelapa sawit and passed a very quiet rubber trees estate.
Aiiyoo memang hutan dah ni..
At the very end of the road, we reached a small jetty area with fishing boats scattered around the river bank.
Ahhh.. a very nice view indeed..and Hadiff was really excited with all the kapal bot.
We eagerly approached the compound, to satisfy our curiosity on what this area has to offer.
There was a small wooden stall just near the river.
"Takkan kedai ni kot", I said to myself.
but looking further up, we saw a floating restaurant, buoying with the river current...floating..(I mean really floating!) with no walkway (wooden walkway, not sure what is the right name for that) connecting from the restaurant to the river bank.
We had to use a boat, which owned by owner of the restaurant.

I could see Hadiff's face bimming with the excitement.
This is his first kapal bot real experience.

We had to use the narrow wooden walkway to move from the restaurant to the section where they breed fishes and to the floating chalets.
Hadiff care nothing on his safety which is our utmost nightmare.
He has shown to us his next level of bravery self exclaiming as nothing to fear if relates to water.
He reaaaaaaaaaally loves water and makes us wonder if we should send him to swimming class as early as possible.
Hahh enough with this karangan..don't know why so sudden I am writing like writing a novel..bluekk!

Enjoy the edited/non edited photos we managed to capture.
My eksyen pic with the fish caught earlier by the owner's son.

Luckily I had my sling so that handling 2 kids was much easier.

The ladies were curious about my ring sling.
It looked like I was doing the babywearing demo.

The Menu.
We had a delicious finger licking crab chilli, oyster d'bayu and udang celup tepung.

Hadiff kusyuk tengok Mr Crab dan ikan buntal.

We will come back.

Hadiff on the boat ride back to the jetty.

He had insufficient dose of kapal bot and wanting more.

The restaurant is not like those 5 stars expensive floating restaurant.
The menu offered there is similar to what we can find in a tom yum restaurant.
The price is affordable..I mean like a normal range in any road side restaurant.
But the best thing is..all the seafood are FRESH. Nothing is fresher when they caught it alive from the river based on your order.


Unknown said...

wahhhh..bestnyaaaa...nak pi google jap kat mana ni teluk bayu ..^_^

Rozy said...


kat sungai petani kedah. :)

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