Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Babies Are Geniuses!!

Hadiff a genius baby?? Hmm.... can't visualise how he will look like? Would he wear a thick spectacle with ruffled hair?? At the age of 10month? Like the pic below?
Will he capable to solve a form four algebra equation at the age of 4? Graduate with a Master at the age of 10? Won a Noble Prize at the age of 12? All Babies Are Definitely Geniuses, moulded by the way they are formed by parents and the environment that they are live in.. Bayi yg lahirkan umpama sehelai kain yg putih bersih <--- besa dengaq kann.. Why suddenly I am soosooo sooo interested in this subject? It is happened because of a click. I had stumbled upon a very informative blog "Genius Qarissa" a place where a very dedicated mother shares her ideas on her effort in "The making of Genius Qarissa" . Baguskann..jengoklaa blog tu... best.

I have long tender my resignation on buying toys for Hadiff.. No more soft toys for him as he prefers to play with things that is not classified as a toy.. But I noticed that whenever my hubby switch on his lappy, Hadiff gets really excited .. Thought of doing some work but end up Hadiff playing with the keys..at least he can concentrate on this for quite a long duration.

It is further confirmed, when we showed a cartoon clip titled "CHOMEL" which me myself love it so much since in uni. Have you seen this clip before? A Hippopotamus singing with a funny dog dancing ... It is soo hilarious!! We played it over and over..and Hadiff unexpectedly stood statically in front of the lappy with "Uhh.. uhh..uhh.." He seemed to enjoy it very much.

So I enrolled in Brillkids.com, downloaded a lot of powerpoint flashcards that suitable for Hadiff.. like colours, shapes, food, signs.. I showed it to Hadiff and he suprisingly concentrated on the vibrant colours that came out from the screen..while I kept repeating the word..but I guess..for about...hmmm.. 2 minutes. Hmm not bad rite? Mr asben and I really had fun with the presentation..I wish I could attach all the presentation here, so that you can download it directly from here..

" Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?"
"I see a green frog looking at me"
Selain dari itu, I also bought baby picture book , small size friendly to his small fingers and whenever we turned the page to ELEPHANT.. Hadiff akan bunyi "Uh..uh..uh..".. next time Ummi will bring you to Zoo Taiping okay sayang..to see a real elephant alive.. Another cloth book by PRIDDY Fuzzy Bee bought from the net.. the striking colours really attracts Hadiff..

I wish I could do more for him..
So, how do you teach your DS /DD? Any specific method? Do care to share with us here!!

XOXO regards,


cysev3n said...

salam singgah :) terima kasih tinggalkan jejak kat ApaApaJe :)

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

Rozy.. i wish i can do more for shukrina..dgn masa terbatas ( tambah ummi yg bermalas2an..hihi ) ...mmg mengaku tak byk yg dpt ajaq utk budak kecik sorang tu..

apa yg terlintas..itu yg diajar.. kkdgn subscribe byk2 web pun, at last lupa pulak nak pratikakan..that's me..teruk betui..

tapi benda2 kecik sedaya upaya dijadikan rutin supaya tak lupa..eg baca doa sblm makan, naik kenderaan...dalam keta pun gunakan sebaiknya utk komunikasi...baca abc, nyanyi twinkle2..

just my 1cent :)

Unknown said...

thanks pasal info Brillkids.com tu.. nanti nak p jengah lah..
seminggu dua ni sejak dok bz buat a/c..
kelas anak2 kat rumah pun tak teratur..
ibu dok letak anak2 depan tv jer... hahahaaa... memang xdan, sorg2 nak cover semua... kdg2 rasa bersalah juga...

anak2 ni bila dia dah biasa belajar setiap hari.. eg menulis (lebih tepat menconteng), melukis (menconteng jugak), tgk vcd ABC... baca buku animal.. so bila hal2 ni x buat utk 1 hari.. depa leh jadi mberontak... tu yg x tahan tu.. sorg xpa lagi... ni 3-3 cam tu.... fenin2...

Fauziah said...

salam... tq for the sharing. rasa nyer pernah gi brillkids tu tapi tak register... nanti laa nak regi jugak. tq.

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