Monday, July 13, 2009

Updated EBM!

Selepas kejadian EBM ku cair (usah dikenang..huhuhu huwaa!!), I put more efforts in pumping to yeild more milk out of my milk factory.. pondered when I was so complacent with the quantity of EBM I had in my fridge.. pam pun ala-ala malazz tahap gaban and cukup seadanya.. I did notice that at that time my yeild had dropped tremendously from 8oz per session to just barely 3oz.. but since Hadiff had started solid food, his consumption had also reduced by 4oz..so my life was sooo damn easy..

Then it happened..HAHAHAHA padan muka ku ini... with 0oz in store, I did not think I could survive! But yess!! I am a survivor (with a lightly pat on my shoulder).. I has started a pumping regime.. day and night with target in head and more focused..HIM..HIM..NARAHIMM!! (translation of CHAIYOK! CHAIYOK! in Korean)..

As at 10/7/09 from 0oz I managed to collect 27x4oz in just 2 weekss.. (ku pun cam xpercaya)
What I did was (still doing)
1- Increase the pumping session
7am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm, 11pm, 3am
2- During session 7am->5pm, my target is to gain a minimum of 20oz. (enuf for Hadiff in one day)
3- All the extra fresh milk collected through out the week (Monday to Friday) including the milk collected at workplace on Friday go into deep freezer.. Saturday and Sunday pumping MUST yield minimum of 24oz.
4- Start to drink Mililea soy milk religously..and intermittently longan kering..
5- Never forget to ask for forgiveness from Allah and pray for more rezeki for Hadiff.

Besides the frozen EBM collected, I had also noticed that my yield has improved from 3oz to almost 6oz/session.

My yeild

Day collection

I will definitely continue this regime until my deep freezer is fully loaded with milk..HAHAHA let the revenge begins!!!


Dayah said...

alhamdulilah..stok dah kekbali menggunung..dayah dah reduce pumping session..malas tahap gaban dah ni...Rozy jgn jadi mcm Dayah ye..teruskan usaha

Rozy said...

syukur sangat,

Dayah xpalaa..Syukira dah besaq.. perjalanan bf Hadiff masih panjang.. macam2 leh jadik

Mama Shinta Musraika said...

salam rozy..

my stok now zero. my supply down & shinta mungkin growt spurt.. adusssss!

Rozy said...


jangan give up naa.. nak longan kering x? Rozy ble postkan..
for my friend FOC.

mirah said...

salam singgah.
Saya juga tengah merosot susu ni, nak try lah cara rozy buat tu. Mmg diakui sekarang hanya 3x pumping a day je. Huhu ketuk kepala sendiri.

Mama Shinta Musraika said...

Salam Rozy..

tima kasih.. ku takan give up! ku bangun tgh malam & subuh pam walau pon mata terpisat-pisat hehehe... ku dah cuba longan kering tapi hasilnya tak sehebat soya... mungkin soya serasi dgn ku..

tima kacih 4 ur offer ya rozy...

Azrina bt Mohd Tajul Ariffin said...

banyak betul rozzy buat dlm sehari..camne eh...d/freezer sama dengan ku...

nina said...

you one crazy woman!!!! cek suka!!! keep it up gurl!

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