Thursday, October 15, 2009

MBP - CuTeSt BaBy In StRoLlEr

MomBloggersPlanet has organized another fantastic bombastic Cutest Baby Contest. And this time Cutest Baby in Stroller!
Owh! How I wish I can win one of those prizes (especially kalau dapat beg baru pujaan hati kann..). The sponsors for this contest are:-

Here it goes, photo of HadiffBolat in his favourite of all time stroller

Ooops not that one, itu stroller HadiffBolat guna waktu petang..Nanie the Nanny yang punya, untuk ditolak keliling Taman Perumahan.

His stroller, (nope, it ours actually),Combi Miracle Turn (as seen below) was bought when HadiffBolat was still in my womb. It serves wonderfully to our family.

Name: Muhammad Hadiff Raef b Hazari aka HadiffBolat
D.O.B : 30TH Sept 2008 (same as his Umi)

Q: Why I love this stroller?

A: Load Lots of reasons!
1- The ultimate reason I decided to buy Combi Miracle Turn is it can be folded and fit nicely into my Dirty Devoted Kancil. It does not consume much space and therefore we could bring the rest of the house along with us when we are traveling.
2- It is awesomely lightweight. Senang nak mengangkut ke sana sini.. kalau Hadiff refuses to be placed inside the stroller, Mr Asben boleh lipat dan bawak dengan sangkut di bahu.
3- Warnanya yg very vibrant and eye catcher.
4- It is a 170degreeC full reclining and adjustable so leh guna as tram or buggy.
5-Kalau HadiffBolat tidur, we just need to pull the adjustable flange at the back and pull down the shield. It is soooo simple!
6- The maneuvering system is the state of art with its auto swivel wheels and that is why it is called Miracle Turn. Similar to a 4 wheel drive vehicles (xdapat 4WD, dapat stroller with the same system pun jadiklaaaa). Senang nak cilok2 lam shopping mall.
7- Another marvelous feature is it is two way facing so you can either let your child to enjoy the view by facing in front or rear facing towards his beautiful mama.
8- The cushion is so soft as you can see below, Hadiff diulit mimpi intan yang indah.

9- The front guard, cushion, shield are all detachable and washable. Allow us to keep it hygienic and clean for our beloved ones! (<-one only at this moment).
10 - Last but not least, the easy locking system of the wheels keep the stroller securely static.

Stroller for babies
It is a MUST for a new mom.
I remember when I first brought Hadiff to my office when I was just out of "pantang", owh how clumsy I was when holding Hadiff. So I just placed Hadiff comfortably inside the stroller and let him be the centre of the universe.(kawan2 opislaa dok belek2).
Plus, after a tiring walk around the shopping mall, I can let Hadiff doz off and continue doing shopping. That avoid any grumpy restless child from interrupting our utmost favorite hobby isn't?

I do recommend new moms out there to buy a good stroller (good doesnt mean expensive or branded) for their babies. It makes your life more convenient!

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