Thursday, October 15, 2009

Questions that make me win an iPod shuffle

Ngeee macam xpercaya lakss..

My RnD Vice President ~Volkmar Schultz has decided to abandon (?) us and wants duduk diam-diam in Germany (he hates traveling by now). So today he said lets gather and bring along a pen and a paper.

He wrote some figures on the whiteboard, and we were requested to write down on the paper the meaning behind the figures. First answer wrong, you are out. And the prize is an iPod shuffle.

1 500 000 000 - sales of TFX Medical
600 000 000 - sales of TFX EMEA
1989 - TFX bought Rusch
1885 -Rusch was founded
14571 - Risk Management

Me and another engineer got the first figure right. The rest all wrong.
VS skipped the second (though we knew the answer)
We were clueless on the 3rd figure
I knew the 4th...so I am the WINNER...yeayy!!!!

I searched the net and surprised to know that this gadget worth RM299!

But frankly, this thing is not much use to me.
I have a MP4 which almost 2 years I never use.
I have a NOKIA XpressMusic 8GB (prezzie from Mr Asben..very thankful for that) which is more than enough for me <-never use its music function though..

But never mind, now I have an iPod!!

I am sooo lucky, ain't I?


Pija Madzlan said...

wow...boleh la buat giveaway barang yg tak guna tu :P

Sue said...

btol..btol..btol sitisifir10.. hehe.. peace rozy!!

Rozy said...

hehehh...bg kt mr asben dah..
though he also doesn't know what to do with that (dia kata tuk remaja ok laa), i guess he will figure out..

Ely Hasrul said...

aritu pon papi dpt mende nih. opis dia mmg suka suki kasik mende free. tapi xtau nk buat ape.. duk simpan ingt nk jual la murah2..nk kasik kt anak buah dorg sume dh ade.. hishh betol ckp mr asben utk remaja ok laaa

Hanz Jamaludin said...

Inilah orang tua2 kata rezeki terpijak....sokong gak buat giveaway..ada guna kat I tu! Wink!

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