Monday, October 12, 2009

HaDiFf Tantrum StRiKeS uS!

Orang tua2 said beralih bulan... .. i guess it getting worst each day..started when his age strikes 1, his normal charming sweet little baby boy turned to meghap boy.. he hates to be alone.. he hates his toys..sometimes he seems to hate everything around him..

Soklan biasa from me and Mr Asben "Hadiff nak apa nih?".."Hadiff dah besaqlaa..manaleh dukung2.."

So I searched around if I missed anything..

Question: What Can I Do About My Baby's Tantrums?


Learn about it
A baby's first tantrum can take you by surprise. Your baby can really shock you by shrieking, stamping, hitting, or making his whole body go stiff. But don't take it personally; baby tantrums aren't about anything you've done wrong, and they aren't really about temper, either -- your baby isn't old enough for that. The ways you’ll respond to your baby's behavior when he is older are different than how you should respond now.

Why babies have tantrums and what you can do about it
A baby tantrum is an abrupt and sudden loss of emotional control. Various factors bring tantrums on, and if you can identify the trigger, then you can help him calm down -- and perhaps even avoid the tantrum in the first place. Here are the common reasons and ways to solve the problem:

Overtiredness -- Settle baby down to sleep; Provide quiet activity.

Hunger -- Give baby a snack or something to drink.

Frustration -- Help baby achieve his goal or remove the frustration; Use distraction.

Fear/anxiety -- Hold and cuddle baby; Remove baby from difficult situation.

Inability to communicate -- Try to figure out what he wants; Calmly encourage him to show you.

Resisting change -- Allow a few minutes for baby to make adjustment.

Overstimulation -- Move baby to a quiet place.

How to prevent baby tantrums
Often, you can prevent a baby from losing control of his emotions if you prevent the situations that lead up to this. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • When baby is tired, put him down for a nap or to sleep.
  • Feed your baby frequently. Babies have small tummies and need regular nourishment.
  • Give your baby toys that are geared to his age and ability level.
  • Warn your baby before changing activities ("One more swing, then we're going home").
  • Be patient when putting your baby in an unfamiliar environment or when introducing him to new people.
  • Help your baby learn new skills (such as climbing stairs or working puzzles).
  • Keep your expectations realistic; don't expect more than your baby is capable of.
  • As much as possible, keep a regular and predictable schedule.
  • When your baby is overly emotional, keep yourself as calm as possible.
  • Use a soothing tone of voice and gentle touch to help your baby calm down. He can't do it on his own, he needs your help.

  • Source : http://babyparenting.about.com/od/babies212months/f/babytantrum.htm

    I also found that if your child can understand you, you shouldn't give in. THEY want to see if they can get what they want and if they realize that by throwing tantrums they will get it, they will definitely do it again!!


    Anonymous said...

    miya sejak masuk toddlerhood ni, kalau dia tantrum tu i buat bodo aje..experts kata budak2 time ni nak test border line. nak tau bila leh dpt attention, bila tokleh buat benda2 pelik yg boleh naikkan darah parents.

    DaniTheGirl said...

    Salam rozy....

    Saya kurang paham maksud tantrum ni tapi tantrum ni ikot kefahaman saya kuat mengamuk kan....ngeee...Saya rasa si Kakak ni hari2 tantrum sampai mama dia pon tantrum gak kat opis...camner ni. Tantrum jugak kan? Si kakak kuat mengamuk dari kecik sampai besar...tak tahu camner nak handle kadang2 kami suami-isteri jadi gado besar sebab dia...peningg..

    Unknown said...

    apa yg lin buat lau adwan jd gitu? lin sebut nama penuh dia dengan nada tegas, then say no. then lin akan explain kat dia nape kita tak kasi, kalau dia ngamuk mintak barang la, lau dia ngamuk mintak dukung..lin wat donno or tarik perhatian dia pd mainan or menda lin...

    Hanz Jamaludin said...

    slalunyer kalau baby hambali throw tantrum, if pujuk x jalan, we all akan ignore him..biar dia melalak sakan..slowly dia diam sendiri & datang kat kitaorang..nampak sangat buat2..anyway depends jugak not all time we ignore dia, sometimes use distraction..he,he..

    Nong Andy said...

    Memula tu rasa mcm tensen gak bila shinta buat perangai.. tapi sekarang dah lali. biasanya bila 'musim tantrum'nya itu berlalu.. mood shinta akan double baik punya selepas itu.. masa tu.... Sayangnya Shinta ku hehehe!!!

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