Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DiDyMoS AZuR 3 - NeW AdDicTIoN (oops addition) To ThE FaMiLy

Just bought another wrap from the same mama in Sweden.
A 55% linen wrap, Didymos Azur.
As expected, the wrap was packed in a present like packaging with feathery string.
With a Thank You card..gosh ..she is really a nice mama.

 Kemas sangat

And as expected, it came with surprise (which I had to hide it from Hadiff). Not halal.

 I am tempted to tell her that I am a muslim.. but WTHey..just give that to my colleague.

Wore Husna for 15minutes...wowww..really impressive.
Husna felt weightless in it..itisavery supportive wrap Iwould say.
No wonder wrap manias are head over heel on this one.
I definitely need to dye this..nekid not so cun laa..
This wrap still feels a bit stiff...kejung.. may need a butt magic.Hmm... after dyeing laaa..
Maroon will be nice kan?

Loving this


Hanz Jamaludin said...

Babe, brapa RM in total wif shipping? Kat MBW FB page ada clearance link yg canada, cam teringin jer nk beli girasol tu..didymos pun cantik jer..which one better? girasol ker didymos?

mirah said...

Wow..you guys really addicted dgn bbw ni kan. hihi..

Btw, cantik tp nampak aple je, myb after dye it looks better..

AMIIZAA said...

wahhh cantiknyaa.....:)

Rozy said...


girasol is not good for a shorty unless you want to do multilayer carry. Didymos must choose laa.. so many choices..:p

if from slingomama in The Netherlands, shipping will cost you EU24. Other country,I don't know as I only buy preloved..preloved normally just pay the difference ja lam $15.

Heheheh memang pun..enjoying the babywearing days..selagi boleh. :)

tak cantiklaa naked..kalau dye lawaa la kot.

Rozy said...

oopsss... Amizaa as k miejaaa!!!

Dd said...

bila la nak belajo guna wrap ni...

Rozy said...

mehlaa join kami di MBW.. :)

Hanz Jamaludin said...

Thanks Rozy..harus kumpul duit beli lagi ni... :)

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