Friday, April 22, 2011

HaDiFf 1st MoViE @ CiNeMa- RIO!!

Last Monday, I was on cuti free from the goverment of Malaysia (remember, cuti sebab menang bola? yess, just last Monday, my company granted us the leave)
I wanted to watch a movie and seemed Rio received a very good review in MBW forum, I thought why not bring Hadiff  along.
So, this is his first trip to cinema.
Hadiff was really excited eventhough he did not know what is movie and not to mention cinema :p.
But he kept saying "Kecian kat adik...kena inggai" (Kasihan dekat adik, kena tinggal) :)
Heheheh...tahu pun ingat kat adik Husna ya.

A usual, Abah bought the tickets,I bought the popcorn and the drinks.
When the light was dimmed and the cartoon started, Hadiff seemed really surprised.
I could see that he was awed with the huge screen and the colourful picture.
To add to the spice,RIO starts with colurful birds singing and dancing.

 Tengoklah mukanya yg ala-ala kagum dengan screen yg besar itu.

Hadiff could watch and seat properly for hmmmm....3/4 of the story.
Then he started to feel boring and started to ask " Mana owang?"
Aaaaaaaannd.. wanted to stand on the seat.
Luckily,there were like hmm..less than 10 people inside the cinema.
He ended up sitting on Abah's lap until RIO finished.
It was a very awesome cartoon.. :)

Pastu Hadiff main kete-keta lak kat luar

Budak yg sudah kepenatan, on the way balik rumah.

Hadiff really had a joyous time.
Now he keeps asking, "Ecok pi ana?" as Esok pergi mana?


Lady Finger said...

bli happy meal..dpt toy rio tau..anak aku skit punye suka dpt toy bird yg kale kuning tu

Unknown said...

bestnyer hadiff dapat tgk movie...hehehe

Ely Hasrul said...

wahhh besh la hadiff dh tgk rio.. sami blum tgk. skang sami yg movie goers nih tak boleh bwk g sbb dia dh over excited sgt.. dulu dia tgk patu if bosan dia tido.. skang dia tgk, patu komen2.. patu jadik jab agama islam kt couple2 hahhahaa..kacau tul

E`n1x said...

lol Dayana's first movie too. but i brought both kids =P

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