Friday, April 1, 2011

ThIs Is HoW I TrEaT My bReAsTpUmP PaRts @ WoRk PLaCe

My breast pump is MEDELA FREESTYLE which I bought from Aja (now my best friend :)) from MYBREASTPUMPSHOP.COM.
I have been using it since Hadiff still on breastfeeding (that was 2 years ago).
I place all the parts (membrane, breast shield and the back cap) in a Tupperware (Freezer Mate range to be exact but not sure the size).

Usually,  I pump at my work station as lucky me, my work station is located at a verrry strategic area with high level of privacy.. ala-ala exclusive high end housing area :p

Sila abaikan permandangan yg semak itu, lakonan sahaja ..hahahhaha

After I complete my 15minutes pumping session (which can be prolonged if I'm so hooked on MBW forum), I will put back the parts in its container and placed it at the top tier of the chiller. Next to my breast milk bottles. No washing or cleaning is done.

Another lucky me, as my office is also equipped with a nice 1 door fridge which is hmm..not many of us use it. My boss only put his fresh fruits and yogurts.

When it comes to next pumping session, I just run hot water from the water dispenser. Not to clean it, but to warm the breast shield. (sejuk oo pakai pam kalau tak panaskan sikit).

 Water from the water dispenser is not really hot, if it is, add in some cold water to reduce the temperature.

 I pump 3 times during office hour, so the same steps each time until the last session. I will wash the parts with warm soapy water.
Please use milk bottle detergent, not dish detergent okeh.

Then, I put it upside down to remove the water from the parts (I will do this until the clock shows 5 -> its time to chaalloo :))

Make sure this is done wayy far from your papers.
Extra Note:-
I don't use cloth or tissue paper to wipe dry my breast pump parts as I don't want any lint or dust stick on the parts. Air dry is the best drying method but I prefer it to just dry in the container instead of mesh bag as again dust from the environment may stick on the parts. Besides chiller, you can also keep your parts cooled in the cooler bag. Not to worry, as breast milk has all the goodness and a special property which is antibacterial.

That's all..let me know if you have any doubts ya.


m@Ri@ said...

thanks for the tips..maria kat sini takdak peti ais..kena p clinic..dan maria pun pam kat clinic..ohh sgt tak sabar nak pam utk next baby..;)

Rozy said...


simpan dalam cooler bag pun boleh jugak..as long as sejuk.

mizah said...

kak rozy, nak tanya..dah lama nak tnya sape2 tapi lupa..

kalau botol or breastpump tu masih basah tak payah lap takpe ke? mean basah lepas disteril ka...takpe kalau tak lap? sebab saya selalu lap pulak dengan kain lap...

Confession of a Coffeeholic Momma said...

thats my trick jugak dulu time kerja. saves time kan. haa mmg kena atleast rinse or rendam breastsheild (in my case, avent silicone petal) tu, kalau tau sejuk geli geleman kena boob. :D

tp now time tak kerja, buat gini jugak. nak save time sebab nak kejar a toddler & infant in the house (sebab malas pun jugak).

Farra Dhelina said...

seronok nya tgok cara akk ni.. keadaan persekitaran yg sgt selesa..

Rozy said...

tak payah lap lap pun tak pa.. just goncang2 bg air tu jatuh pun dah ok dah.

yeap, mudah dan cepatkan.

alhamdulillah dapat work place yg pumping friendly dan colleagues yg understanding.

Farra Da Smiley said...

best baca citer ni..heee
saya mesti cuci every time lepas guna..takyah cuci pon takpe ekkk?

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