Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ThIs Is How I ArRaNgE My CD FoR OuTdOoR DrYiNG

Ooops sound poyo ja..
ni pun nak kongsi..hahahah..
well, sharing is caring for those who think my entry will benefit them.:)

There is a reason why I always take the everyday task (menyidai) from my husband during weekend.
Especially when the sun has decided to stay cheerfully bright.
To start with, my CD washing schedule will be arranged at such that once in a week, all the CDs will be out in the sun. So, definitely has to be on weekend. My everyday weekday drying is under the shade which you can see in this picture behind the cloth lines.

The CD arrangement must be in order so that the CDs can get all the goodness out of the sunlight.

Tak percayakah?

1- Microfiber inserts to be hung vertically so that more surface area are exposed to the sun. This will shorten the drying time.

2-CDs on the highest line are CD with stains so that the sunshine can bleach the stain from the fleece. Don't you know that sunshine the best, economical (free), safe natural bleach. Any UV exposure will help to lighten the stains, whether indoors or outdoors, in bright sun or cloud cover. However, the stronger and more direct the sunlight, the better the results. Fifteen to twenty minutes will make a big difference and can significantly lighten stains or get rid of them.

3- Organic cotton soaker (Grovia soaker) are dried lay flat.Grovia soaker is made of 5 layers of organic cotton and 1 layer of waterproof TPU. This makes the soaker 'heavy' in wet state. To prolong the lifespan of the gusset (elastic thingy),by drying it flat will eliminate the gravity pull that can occur if we hang it.
 Plus we can place the cotton side facing the sun for shorter drying time.

4- CDs that are placed at lower line are All In Two (AI2) CDs . These CDs are made of single layer of PUL with a net like fabric. This shell cannot be exposed to hot sun as it can cause PUL delamination much quicker that the pocket CD shell. By the way, A12 dries quick.

I'm yet to venture into AIO (All In One).  Although, AIO is much much more user friendly, I don't like the idea of longer drying time compare to pocket CD and AI2.

So, this is how I do it.
How about you?
Care to share?


AMIIZAA said...

waaaa rozi...bersemangat akak tgk:):)

mizah said...

takpe..share banyak2..saya suka baca..ok lepas ni saya akan sidai CD kat panas terik2 itu..

Unknown said...

info yang bagus...tp dah tak pakai cd la ni..kena tunggu adik faiz lak nanti

Unknown said...

Kakyong basuh CD 2 hari sekali.. sekali basuh dalam 11-12 CD.. pernah sekali 3 hari baru basuh.. tu pun anak dah stok lampin dah habis.. ekekke... tu dia sekali 16 pcs...

sbb kakyong guna mostly coola & ade a few AIO... kakyong sidai mcm Rozy la.. so far memang AIO ni lambat sikit kering.. kalo yg pket tu sidai 3-4 jam dah boleh angkat.. tp AOI ni kena tunggu tengari/petang sikit baru angkat.. kalo tak memang tak proper kering.. tp masa musim panas ni CD poket, 2 jam pun dah kering...

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