Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TaX ReTuRn sUdAh dApAt!!

Pergh!! LHDN is sooooo efficient this year. Thank you!
Last year,I received my refund just in time to pay for my zakat. Urghh so lambat!
But this year,it is totally surprising and unbelievable.
LHDN took less than 3 weeks to pay back my refund!!
Well, to tell you the truth, I did not expect it to be this soon.
With that amount of money I claimed, I did expect for query and audit.
It is a huge some of money, at least for me.
But, yeay!! No query at all, LHDN believes in me, a trustworthy civilian..hehehheheh
This claim will be dumped into ASB, sit there until end of this year for zakat payment.
Meanwhile, LHDN...silalah potong gaji saya kaw-kaw ya... :p

Rugi tau sapa-sapa yg lambat submit efiling.


Kak Dai Shaklee Sabah said...

manyak ribu ke?kami tak potong PCB so takdela tax return nye..tak buat lagi lee

Rozy said...


banyak tuk aku laa..hehehhe.:p

Unknown said...

boleh wat gi shopping tu

Rozy said...


kena simpan, nak rolling bayaq zakat lak...kang kalau terguna..

rubyhanie said...

wah cpt..klu boh account no waktu e-filing tu dia bg cek jgk atau msk akaun terus?

Rozy said...

entahla..tp akak mmg ada bg no akaun last year.

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