Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hahahah..yeap I know, I'm kemaruk sewing.
I'm using my sister's (thanks and love you dear!!) sewing machine to the max!
My last weekend project is a pillowcase dress.

Why it is named as pillowcase?
Well, to tell you the truth, if you don't have money to buy new clothes for your Dear Daughter, you can actually cut a nice pillow case and turn it into a nice pillow dress. Brilliant and frugal ehh?
But of course I didn't do that.

No chance to try it on Husna.
Definitely she won't be able to tell if she doesn't like it :p

Presenting you............
*drum roll*

My very first exclusively handmade dress for Husna

Pasni nak wat apa pulak yaa?
Ada cadangan tak?


E`n1x said...

weih kagumnya!
btw, itu HAND made ke MACHINE made?

Miss Me said...

u buat i rasa nak menjahit jugaklah rozi... adusss...

Rozy said...

Cis Lilo!!
entah..aku pun taktau..hahahah

meh join gila menjahit lak..heheh

mizah said...


m@Ri@ said...

bila leh jahit sehelai gini ni..hehe

szarihan said...

heh bila pulak aku nak ikut jejak langkah hang ni

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