Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DiDyMos TuSsAh sIlK FiScHe Sz 2

I bought this wrap out of curiosity.
Bought it from thebabywearer.com.
It had received many good reviews from fellow malaysian babywearer and I'd wanted desperately to feel/touch it.
To understand the uniqueness and the support it can offer.
This wrap was actually dyed before and later stripped to naked by previous owner.
It comes with its original off white colour, the natural colour of tussah silk.
Read more on tussah silk HERE.
This wrap contains 40% tussah silk and 60% organic cotton.

Tussah silk (tussah means wild) is a plain weave silk fabric from "wild" silk worms. It has irregular thick and thin yarns creating uneven surface and color. Wild silkworms feed on leaves other than mulberry leaves.Tussah silk is similar to shantung, with silk from the wild. Color is often uneven; usually referred to as "raw" silk.

Initially I wanted to dye this wrap.
Not that I've any experience in dyeing.
But no harm giving it a try, the worst it can happen is you've to strip it back..hahahah
But when I received the Azur, my attention had totally diverted from it.
This TSF wrap seems like has no meaning to me.
The reason is solely because, TSF is in size 2 which only good for RUB and rebozo.
And I don't do these two wrap carry, sorry to say. :(
So off it went to a new home.
Hope it deserves more snuggle time with LO.

without flash

with flash

Can you see the swimming fishes?
If the wrap is to be dyed the contrast will make the fishes more noticeable/obvious. 
Yes, this wrap definitely offers good support, a hel* lot more compare to 100% cotton stripey  girasol wrap.
It also feels 'dense' and gripy.
Definitely a 'confident' wrap for RUB, no slippage.


rubyhanie said...

oh suda pi berenang ke kolam lain eh...nice bc there...i shud catch a fish!

Rozy said...

sudah ke kolam lain last week.
mesti tangkap satu tuk merasa. :)

mizah said...

wah..ni wrap yang ke berapa ni? hihi...bestnya dapat shantung silk ni...mesti lembut dan sejuk je kainnya.. hihi

Rozy said...


wrap come and go..hehehehe
ni bukan shantung laa.. ni tussah.

Nuroll said...

yumiies...!!!:)! rozy, size 2 dlm brapa meter ya? N ni duk usha ayam msk merah....terliur hokey...

Rozy said...


Sz 2 2.6m..not versatile sgt..
beli sz 4 laa 3.7m just nice.. :)

Shima Sharir said...

Hye Rozy,

Awak beli dekat website thebabywearer.com ye. How
much ye. Apsal bila saya pi susah beno nak carik
dekat mana section yg ada jual didymos tu. Derang entertain ke kalau suh hantar Malaysia?

Hu.. Banyak betul eh nak tanya ni ;). Kalau free bleylah reply eh. Thanks!

Rozy said...

Hi Shima!

Ha ah saya beli di TBW.COM..lubuk untuk mencari carrier :).

Ini preloved item ada kat bahagian FSOT ..gilaa lama dah saya tak masuk sebab dah nak masuk kategori babywearer pencen dah ni..heheheh

Kita tanya seller, some are willing to post to international buyer..ada yg taknak.

Kalau ada soklan lagi LMK ookeh!

Rozy said...

Harga saya beli dulu dalam USD100 kot..tak ingat dah..

Anonymous said...
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