Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Mak Ngah bagi Ummi pinjam mesin jahit Singa Singer.
Wahh Ummi was really excited, she has always dream to own a sewing machine.
Not that Ummi reaaaally know how to sew, just like ekhemmm may be end up like oooooother former (?) hobbies.
At this moment, Ummi is working on cloth pad project (with Abah of course)
But last night, when Husna had finally fell asleep and Hadiff was charmingly behaving, Ummi decided to sew pillow cases for Hadiff and Husna.
Yeap, quite recently, Ummi started to meroyan on designer fabric. (dan butang mata tengok on the cute prints).
Using a simple logic, Ummi just carefully sewn two simple (that needs only straight stitches) pillow cases.

Hadiff's pillow case is using Wild Animals from Robert Kauffman
Husna using Daisy Dance by Michael Miller
Hm..apa pulak yg Ummi nak wat yaa pasni?


rubyhanie said...

waaa cantiknya...nak wat jgk!

m@Ri@ said...

nak buat gak..,.tp takdak mesin jahit..jahit tgn aci tak..hehe..

Rozy said...

buat ruby...jangan tak buat..heheheh

jahit ngan tangan pun leh ja..wat jait jelujoq. :)

mizah said...

cantik! corak kat fabrik tu pun macam best je..hehe

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