Friday, May 6, 2011

KaNgA X2 iS HeRe!!

Finally I own a SSC with a HEADREST.
It is more confortable to Husna, unlike my previous Kanga J yg headrestless.
I remember received a comment from a passerby looking at Husna yg terlentok on my back.
I inadvertently overhead he said "tak sakit tengkok ka?"
So with this headrest, that problem is solved and I don't have to reaaaaaaallly aware on Husna condition on my back.
At least I can happily ensure that Husna is comfortable if she ever fall asleep on my back (which she always does).

It is a plum merimeko with graphite straps.
I am loving it (of course until Husna outgrown this carrier..hmmmm may be in 6months time, then this X2 will be on sale).

Flat pic

I look demok from back..:p

In terms of comfy to the wearer, it  is actually similar to Kanga J.
It feels the same.
Kanga X2 is the improved version of Kanga J with additional headrest.


Hanz Jamaludin said...

Babe,kalu lagi 6 mths nk let go, jgn lupa me ya..hehehe.... :)

Rozy said...

Okie hanz,

dibs noted :)

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