Thursday, November 12, 2009

HaDiFf DaPaT BaJu DaRi aUnTiE AJa

Mybreastpump shop ada wat appreciation lucky draw for their customers and visitors...mudah ja nak join... though the winners were selected randomly, it does reflect that the owner really appreciate those who buy, promotes and befriended her. I did not expect to win anything, saja ja syok2 ..cam xsangka Hadiff dapat baju..tenkiu ya auntie.. link sebelah tu bukannya tuk bodek yaa..senang nak cari link nenti kalau nak beli apa2.... (and memang dok promote kedai aja pun)..

Let me share with you why i really like this shop (or the owner). I only bought FS from Aja tu pun after Aja offered me to join her 6mths kutu (dah abis pun).. her feedback and responses were really superb whenever I had problem with the pump (the pump is ok just me yg xbopa paham). Though I was the one who called her... she preferred to call me instead (bagus tul Service After Sales nyaa). So kawan-kawan..jangan mudah terpedaya dengan harga pump yg lebih murah (or ada yg lebih mahal?), the most important thing in buying things (especially di alam siber nih) isthe utmost recommendations from friends on the SAS.. In a nutshell, beli laa dari Aja..hehehhe

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