Monday, November 9, 2009

My NeW PaSsIon- BaByWeAriNG

Those who are my blog's regular visitors may notice that I just included another link to Malaysian Babywearer...ha haa new passion just kicks in! After a successful commitment on breastfeeding and cloth diapering...me had found new passion... but then this is not so new for me as I already have a pouch and a ring sling used since so many months ago. But when I said new passion I am talking about new baby carriers such as ring sling, Soft Structure Carrier (SSC),Mei Tai or may be wrap (bila dapat the second laa kann). Alamak!! mesti Mr Asben jeling2 dah.. but he said...xpa kalau berkemampuan...hehhehe

To start with, this month alone I had placed two orders, one from sleepywrap.com for their Boba Organic --> definitely for our weekend hiking trip... and a ring sling from Jumpsacbaby.com.. for their beautiful Jungle Birds on Kiwi x sabar lak nak tunggu purchased items sampai.

Will update the action pic soon!!!

Owh but don't worry I am still devoted to my Combi..hehhe


Hanz Jamaludin said...

Yeay! Another friend adopting the Natural Parenting approach! Go!Go!Go Natural Parenting!

Hanim said...

beco tu... I baru spot clean weekend. Next weekend i gi jalan plak... after my travel la ek?

Rozy said...


Its ok. Thanks.

Sue said...

su guna ssc lp. tapi yg tak bestnya my baby paling lama bleh dok dlm tu 15 minit jek!!! gerammmmmmm

Nik Ha said...

Ku dah lama gak minat kat bbwearing nih. Pouch br rasa ok sket pakai tp kat dlm rumah je..he..he..now craving mei tai plok..huhu..DIY sling hr tu tak brp menjadi, kjp ok kjp tak.ku kena rembat yg 2 shoulders carrier lak sbb tlg blkg bengkok daaa..duk berkenaaan sgt kat wrap tu tp pk2 beli mei tai lah dulu.mahal2 kena highly use kalau tak rugi!he..he..

Rozy said...


Dah beli nanti jangan lupa share pic naa..


may b anak you xbiasa lagi kot..dah lama2 nanti okay laa

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