Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FIrSt tImE WrApPpInG б Bb HuSnA @ 8th DaY

Love it love it soooo much!!
That is my feeling after first attempt wrapping Husna in a gauze wrap by Wombfruit.
Of course after watching the youtube again and again and feeling not so confident mula2nya.
I wish I could BW her earlier, may be on the first day she was discharged from the Hospital..but I was too scared to try..she looked sooo tiny and fragile..

Review of the Gauze wrap
1- It is a stretchy wrap, soo soft.
2-Very suitable for newborn and due to its stretchiness this wrap is not suitable for bigger baby unless you know how to pull and tighten the wrap.
3- Very cushy and airy.

I can't compare with other wrap, as never try any yet. Will wait until Husna besar sikit so that I can try her with my Palla and Cyprus.


Unknown said...

wow kak rozy, dah bersalin rupanya..punya la lama tak melawat..

comel comel comel
tingin nak baby kecikkkkkkkkk ^_^

Unknown said...

rozy, wow nampak sangat selesa..

ayu ada buat entry mengenai babywearing ni,hehe...


jatuh cinta la ngan mei tai^_^

Ammi Sara said...

Rozy, sory lmbt wish-Congrats on newborn husna. she's adorable..:)
Just cant wait to BW her ye..hehe..
All d best during ur confinement period ya

Hanz Jamaludin said...

Tomeinyer Husna!

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

wahh..dah mula wrap husna..dayah tak reti, cuma dok pakai RS ja...

halimatun said...

tengok husna selesa je duduk dalam tu kan..so sweetttt

Cik Jatt said...

hi. salam kenal ye:)
terjumpa ur blog dalam momsblogger directory. congrats for your new baby. so adorable

Rozy said...

apa lagi..sila2 laa... ;)

jomla join MBW leh blajar banyak lg jenis carrier yg best2.


thx dear.

rozy pun mula2 rasa xkonfiden gaks.

akak kena blajar lagik nih.. bg cantik sikit ikat.

mama qis,


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