Friday, July 16, 2010

NeW hEADeR..YeAy!

Well, thanks to Sara for reminding me..ekhemm actually more to reminding Mr Asben as he was the one who pointed out Sara's comment..

Yeap, I need to redo my header as baby Husna was not in that skinny meeny cartoon. To tell the truth, all this while the header cartoon was not sketched by me.. I just googled it, saved it, did some adjustments here and there then uploaded it in header section. There was time, bloggers who dropped by this blog asked me where did I get the layout whatsoever.. well...you just need mr google to find it for you..*wink*

Back to Sara's comment (TYVM!), as the rebound, Mr Asben at his sooo free time (means in between his regular facebook and Lubuk surfing), he redid the header..of course with some inputs from me (while I was watching the Ghost Whisperer, ohh soo cute laa Jennifer Love Hewitt kann..)and the result was outsome (for me)..

So here is the new header with Baby Husna who is already standing in the cartoon.. hhehhehee..
Okay tak?


Farra Dhelina said...

cumillll ;)

Rozy said...


tenkiu dear!

Unknown said...

kita suka la header kak rozy ^_^

Ammi Sara said...

cun sangat!!
instant husna boleh diri ek :)
ee nak upah ur asben wat utk kita boleh tak? hihi..

azura samsuddin said...

so sweet, rozu lukis sendiri ke??camne yer nak dpt header cmtu, teringin gak nak yg katun matun =)

ibu_Arifa said...

cantiklah..terernyer :)

Rozy said...

thx. ;)

hehehhe... nothing extravagant.. DH just use paint and the image he cilok from google gaks..

xdaklaa... adjust guna paint ja.

biasa2 jaa

Hanz Jamaludin said...

Whoa Rozy! Lurve your new header..so chomel! And new layout looks neat! :)

Rozy said...

Thanks Hanz!
But I really evy you blog layout, really urmm... readers friendly.

nadnye said...

Suka sangat header nie, nak buat sendiri tak reti..
lupa nak congrate.. Yeay baby girl.. :P

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