Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My FiRsT PuMpInG sEsSiOn

Not the first per se, as I pumped for Hadiff, this is the first pumping session for bekalan di kemudian hari for Husna.

I was contemplating between using my manual single pumping Avent pump or battery operated double pumping Medela FS. I love Avent suction mode but being a manual and single pumping pump, adeyyyy.. So I decided to use FS instead.

I remember using level 7 (or is it 8?) last time, but this time level 7 felt too much!! So I reduced it to level 5. May be my B was not accustomed to the high suction yet but I do believe after sometime I will definitely increase it. And I normally pumped for 20minutes max, but this time I could only bare for 11minutes!

So here it is, 2.5oz.. my yield after Husna nenen on both B just a few minutes prior to this session.. it is as expected and it is normal.


Afne said...

bgs rozy seawal mungkin dh buat stok. moga murah rezeki husna.

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

bagus-bagus..awai2 dah buat stok..

Unknown said...

bagus rozy...teruskan usaha...simpan stok banyak2 dalam pantang...wahhhh..rindunya zaman pantangku..huhu

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