Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stash shot-ring sling

 My stash shot for ring sling.
As of today, I have 9 ring slings and another 1 WCRS (Wrap Conversion Ring Sling) made of Natibaby Palla Ussheri which is currently with the maker for conversion. 

From Left to Right

  1.  Kalea Baby Golden Wheat with Tea Time Tomato accent.
  2. Comfy Joey Hawaiian Sunset size M
  3. Jumpsac Baby Jungle Birds in Kiwi Size M
  4. Sleeping Baby Silk Ring Sling Size S
  5. Comfy Joey Hunur Collection Mocha Souffle Size S
  6. Didymos Indio Rubinrot WCRS, SBPed by Snuggbaby
  7. Didymos Indio Lilac Gathered shoulder
  8. Mamaway Cotton
  9. Jumpsac Baby Water Mesh Sling Size S

Coming soon, Natibaby Palla Ussheri WCRS, padded shoulder by Jumpsac Baby.

This is my latest addition to the family.
Didymos Indio Rubinrot WCRS, love it to bits...
Jalan2 at Rope Walk for 1 hour with Husna sleeping peacefully and comfortably in the sling. 
I did not feel the shoulder strain at all which is expected from a WCRS..
Why I need more than 1 ring sling..
I use ring sling most of time eventhough I have 1 mei tai, 3 Soft Structure Carrier and a wrap.
Well,it is all depends on the situation.
Cold, windy day or early morning, I will grab a thick ring sling like WCRS.
Hot day or crowded place, I normally use linen or mesh sling.
Sea side, pool, swimming - I use water mesh sling (easy to dry)
Apart from this, I need to match my outfit with my sling..baru syiokk!!!

Justifiable tak reason2 dia atas? Ngeeeeeeeee...


Kak Dai Shaklee Sabah said...

repost entry ke?mengenangkan stash2 yg ada...ada ruang ke nak letak yg baru hehehehe

Rozy said...


ada jaa ruang..beli hanger baru...hehehhe

Afne said...


Rozy said...

ishh apa tu afne :p

Zainab Norazman said...

wah ni dah pro rs nih.. saya dah ada rs since my 1st doter.. ni anak kedua nak aktif balik pakai rs.. tapi rasa cam x berapa selesa.. hehari duk praktis kat ni (masih dalam berpantang lagi)... kena godekzz ilmu dari kak rozy ar..

Rozy said...


insyaallah boleh punya..practice makes perfect..praktis depan cermin baru leh tgk kat man yg silap.. tgk utube.. masuklah malaysianbabywearer, situ mesti ada org tlg troubleshoot kalau tersilap pakai.

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