Monday, December 13, 2010

I am the Star Winner!! Not only one but TWO.

The rumours are all correct.
I won two IBW '10 Contests..YES! The star contest and Contest No 4.
The announcement is HERE.
This is my submission.

IBW'10 Contest 1: How I practise Safe Babywearing

1st prize  

Comfy Joey Hunur Collection Souffle Ring Sling worth RM 449.00 sponsored by MiaBambina

1)      Check for wear/tear and pulled stitches.
2)      Rings use tested for strength and reliable.
3)      Nothing blocking the airway and two fingers distance between the chin and chest.
4)      Correct position with bum below the knees.
5)      The carrier is fully covered the bum.
6)      Aware of dangerous object that your baby could grab.
7)      Aware on sling tail to avoid trapping on moving parts.
8)      Practice before wearing in public.
9)      Alert on baby’s response in the sling.
10)  Never attempt any dangerous activity while babywearing.
11)  Use carrier that suit for the baby’s age and weight.

IBW'10 Contest 4: The Importance of Safe Babywearing

1st prize 
Mystery gift worth RM200.00 sponsored by Meistai

It is important to practice Safe Babywearing because to ensure the well being of our baby in the carrier and allow us enjoy all the benefits it offers. Below are the reasons why it is important to practice Safe Babywearing.

1-     SAFE BABYWEARING is choosing suitable carriers that support the baby’s spine naturally to avoid putting baby at risk of deformation and infection.
2-     SAFE BABYWEARING is reading the manual, understands it and follow the manufacturer’s guideline to avoid any mistake during use that may jeopardize the safety of the baby. The recommendation of age and weight must also be obliged to reduce the risk of the baby falling out of the carrier.
3-     SAFE BABYWEARING is placing the baby in correct position to prevent from suffocation which can occur when the baby’s chin slumps on his own chest, kinking the airway.
4-     SAFE BABYWEARING is not involving in dangerous activity while babywearing such as jogging or handling sharp object. Activity that has risk of falling should also be avoided. Eventhough, babywearing allows us to be multi tasking, we should put extra cautious when dealing or near hot area such as stove or oven. This is to prevent unavoidable accident.
5-     SAFE BABYWEARING is ensuring that no fabric is obstructing the airflow of baby’s breathing. Rebreathing air is dangerous and toxic due to high level of carbon dioxide. Besides this, it can also reduce the ability of the baby to breathe.
6-     SAFE BABYWEARING is always aware of the baby’s response. If anything undesirable occurs, fast countermeasure or action can be taken.

Last but least, by practicing Safe Babywearing we can enjoy the bonding between us and our baby to the fullest. It is the greatest expression of love by holding and carrying our baby.

I knew that all contests that requires photos are all tough contests. I knew I would not be able to win so I'd put all my efforts on essays. And my hard works are paid off!!

Congratulations to all winners!
Thanks to all sponsors and MBW admins. Can't wait for next year contests!!!


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