Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Milestone Husna at almost 6months

 Husna is almost 6months.
She's still on exclusive breastfeeding *syukur.
Still drinks 4bottles X 4oz in good days.
She smiles a lot, gets really excited whenever we say "POMMMM!!!!"
She  loves having people around her especially men.
She can accept Bumbo seat now..so less seating on our lap.
She has mastered guling-guling but crawling is still not there yet.
She threw tantrum when we put her in the rocker.
She only has one toy, a teether I bought 2 weeks ago.
No teeth yet at this moment.
Loves being held standing while looking out the car's window.She can grab things now and put it in her mouth.


Nuroll said...

huhuhu...rozy, i plg xthn geram tgk rambut husna tue.....rasa mcm nak gosok2 kat muka i....suker sgt....:)!

Normaliza said...

Lebatnya rambut husna. geram tgk... :)

alinalan said...

happy 6 months Husna

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