Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pinky Geli Girly Wrap - Didymos Eva

She is thoughtful, isn't she?

 I bought this wrap from a nice mother from FSOT naturalmamas.com. Trish is from Sweeden.
The wrap arrived with 2 lollipops and 4 chewing gums, a card with nice messages and tied with feathery string. The first twos were actually hidden away from Hadiff, I was was was with the halalness.

It is a Didymos Eva, woven with natural cotton, a lovely name that fits for this luscious pinks and purples beautiful striped colorway. Purrrfect for my beautiful manja Husna..

Husna buried under the wrap..love the colours..so soft and subtle.

I was actually searching for a girly colour wrap in size 2 or 3 which I need for Rucksack Tied Under Bum. When I bought this size 4 wrap, I was thinking to chop it to 2.7m and the balance will be used for my Mei's custom SSC.

At this moment, I am crazy over back carry..and Husna likes it too!

Well, it will not go as plan. Fuhh!! suddenly so sayang to chop and size 4 allows me to do RUB TIF (Rucksack under bumb tie in front).
Eva is cushier than Natibaby stripes, the different is quite significant IMO eventhough can hardly differentiate by touching.The weave is in fact more dense.

Sorry for kelam pic, this was taken during senja..me too eager maa..
 In a nutshell. this wrap will stay with us for a long timeeeeeeee...:)
 and definitely deserves our loves.

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Shaza Shamsuddin said...

Rozy oh rozy. nak dengki bleh? kekek sgt suka wrap, suka sgt. tgklah ada rezeki baby 2nd nih, kita wrap dia habis-habisan. dulu tak puas wrap Afra.. heheh :p

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