Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Travelling Book- The Skin Type Solution

Dr Leo had offered us in Malaysianbabywearer a travelling book on THE SKIN TYPE SOLUTION by DR LESLIE BAUMANN.
This book is a very eye opener for me.
We had to answer questionnaires to evaluate the skin type.

 The questionnaires in 4 parts

Well the answer for me is OSPW means I have a Oily, Sensitive, Pigmented and Wrinkled skin.

 Explanations on the skin type - I LOVE THE SUN!! <--that is very true

Gosh..that is really something..and sound scary too.
I didn't know that my skin falls under Sensitive type!!! But that is the truth as a non gold jewelery is a definite a big NO NO for me. I will end up with rashes and itchiness.
Dr Baumann suggested the daily skin care to combat certain skin problems.

 There are several prescriptions to combat different skin problems.

The best part of the book is, Dr Baumann recommends us what skin regime is suitable for that specific skin type.
 Recommended products for moisturizer

 Recommended products for cleanser

I should also avoid certain ingredients that may exist in the skin products.

Must take note :)

 The products that she recommends can be easily found in the supermarket.
So I chose one of the products and give it a try!!
Olay Total Effects Cleanser and Moisturiser
Not sure yet if it works on me. 
May be full evaluation after 1month?

*more pages in my fb album ya!

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