Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wetbag...OOoooo Wetbag...

Hidup ku tetibanya sesangatlaa xtenteramnya..
Awat la plakk..... tp memang bila ku terkenang ku kekurangan wetbag..huhuhuhuuuu
kekurangan?.. I need a SUPER LARGE wetbag... at least like this one (pls see below)Tapi mahalnyaaa... nak hulur RM128 is really ridiculous!

Why I need it? I desperately need this for 2 days traveling period to store all the soiled diapers.
I have 2 daily use wetbags (see below)and one almost like this (see below)

But I found the HH wetbag to leak on most of the days though I do not see any signs of cracking kat PUL side, the second bag found to be functioning well until now except I do not like the drawstring system as the SMELL can escape through the opening. In fact the MOISTURE can also seep through it!

PLUS, I keep thinking on a nice print fabric I bought from Kamdar someday ago for my ring sling project (which do not materialize yet!!). Should be enough for my ring sling and a wetbag project I guess. BUT, I need a waterproof fabric to line the bag.. where can I get it? Plss...
I am thinking of buying fabric that use in tent or flysheet.. but I am not 100% confident it to be waterproof. Any idea where can I buy it?

I have searched through the net for new ideas on this..
Came across a great web teaching how to sew it..(not that I will jahit sendiri, K Zirah kann ada my DIY nursing cover punya tailor)

Tadi terbaca, wetbag can also be made of wool or thick fleece hmm xbocoq kaa
or can I just use curtain fabric (that is PVC).
Want to know how is my dream wetbag?

My dream wet bag is 20inch X 20inch, zippered with a loop end, nice prints and 100% leak proof (smell and moisture)

Kena buat sendiri gak nih.....

Sapa pernah wat sendiri wetbag?? Care to share with me?
Zillion thanks!!




nadnye said...

You should make more.. and sold one to me :)
I got no wetbag at all.. for the time being..

Rozy said...


Let me try to make it first.. if menjadi I will make one and charge you the cost ya!! Hehehhehehe

Unknown said...

wahh..ada bakat terendam juga mu ni..apalagasss..moh ler jahit..jimat kos..erkk..wetbag tu over rm100 ker..wuyoo

Rozy said...


itu beg rega RM128 woo.. mahai siut... xsanggup aku nak korbankan banyak tu tuk beg simpan dirty pampers anak ja.. kui..kui..kui..

ku bukannya ada mesin jait<-tp jgn harap laa hubby ku nak bg beli hehheheh.. ku takat cari idea dengan cari material ja.. upah org jait.

Unknown said...

apakah kegunaannya.. sampai rege beratus2 nih..???

Rozy said...

kak yong,

heheheh org banyak duit jer yg beli..tuk simpan barang2 basahan.. hehehhe

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

wetbag RM128..gilos apa..hehe..saya tak spend kot utk yg camtu...bajet

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