Wednesday, January 6, 2010

DiArY OoOoOo DiArY

How many diary you receive this year?
Me, break the record..received the highest number of diary from supplier compare to my fellow engineers... it can be an indication that I work well with many suppliers last year .*wink*
And this year, my company gave each one of us a notebook to be used during meetings..said that to standardize (hahh!! talking too much on standardization better standardize our salary with those in Athlone or US or better still pay us in Euro instead)..

BUT, despite getting all these diaries (which only contains a small portion of diary and the rest are all note pages..)...I cannot use any of it.. Hahahahah padan muka.. I still have to go out this lunch time (sayang, mintak izin naaa) and grab any proper diary in the nearest supermarket... hmmm may be The Store (the most happening supermarket here in Kamunting... ngehh..ngeh...ngeh...).

I am one of those yg cannot live without a diary..I mean cannot work without a diary.. I normally jot down all the things to do for tomorrow in the diary before I am off from work.. Mr Asben knows very well that I am a very the beri forgetful person..

So you all lak camna? Dah dapatkan diary pojaaan hatikuu?
Diary yg macamana yg you all semua suka guna?
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Aishah Megahasz said...

Banyaknya dapat. Nak satu...

OneSue said...

kak banyak nyer akak dapat diary...siap boleh pilih2...best2

saya tak suka tulis diary..tp blog suka..hehhehe

diya said...

dulu ada diari.. tp skrg dah takde dah..
takut org baca n taw isi hati saya..
t pecah rahsia taw

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