Monday, January 4, 2010

NeW yEAR, NeW wOrKsTaTiOn


My First entry in the first month of 2010... I just came back from a looooooooooooonnggg holiday not on vacation but on a very thankful resting days spending time in kampung (will blog about that later). Though today is the first day working, not many had turned up. Few had to stay in school for their son/daughter's first day, my junior engineer on MC due to Chicken pox, another on EL and another just tender his resignation.. so now just me and my unfinished workload which I cannot do much today anyway...

Just finished moving all my stuff a.k.a rubbish from my previous cave-like cubicle to a slightly bigger cubicle (not to mention more space to put all my mumbo jumbo). But surprisingly, I had completed the packing and unpacking in just 1.5 hour. Thought I might need more than that considering my nearing 5 years service period in this company, I must have accumulated more rubbish..hehheheh.

Sitting in at this new cubicle felt a bit awkward with two chairs in front of my desk...well felt like I am working at a customer service counter.. Hopefully with this new year, bigger cubicle my salary figure will also be bigger!!!

Owh...hope I am still okay to wish you all Happy New Year!!
My New Year resolution?
I do not have any....aci dak?

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