Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ChIlDrEn pHoTo cOnTeSt

Rini, since not much work to do, me will join this simple yet kena pandai pilih gambar contest.
Yeap, not about the cutest cutest but the impression of the model cilik itu..
Really like the statement by the organiser :-

"Children are not judged based on beauty but on their expressions and the photo because - All Children Are Beautiful! Therefore, every child has a chance to win!"

If you interested to join just click HERE for details.

Me hantar this photo to the organiser, just trying my luck.

I love this photo as HadiffBolat pandang straight to the camera (u know laa how difficult to get a good photo of small kids yg tak duduk diam kann) and his posture macam ngah posing2 pun ada.

Wish me luck ya!!


nadnye said...

good luck.. nakjoin la

Rozy said...

kak nad,

sila join kan diri.. manatau kot ada rezeki kann

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